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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Penat lum ilang..

Just got back from Kuala Woh and still haven't gotten over being exhausted (alasan je ni!) hehe.. I'll update on that later since Sedim punye update pun lum abis kan but suffice to say I enjoy the Sedim Expedition more..

Anyway, came to school and was greeted by a cute cupcake given by Irnis..

..for the birth of her second son, Ahmad Nizar Rayyan :) Thanx Irnis. I especially love the cute booties there on the cupcake hehe..

Then I went to the bank and stumbled upon a quaint gift shop yg you tak kan perasan kot sbb sgt la kecik and chumel. What did I find?


A CD holder, lembu-style! Heheh.. I likey :)

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