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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

SSSPE ~ Herbarium & Talentime (Pt V)

After the EJW, we went back to the 'cafe' for the Herbarium. The first time I heard the word Herbarium, I was also confused.. amende la kannnn, ala² aquarium jek bunyinye. Turned it, we had to pick two leaves and sorta sew in into an info card. The leaves were supposed to be upside and downside up so we can see the differance in the leaves on both sides. Then you had to write down the species and family of it (which reminds me of Hassan hahahaha..)

Last year ALL CMs had done one each except me so this year I was determined to do one. I had picked up two leaves yg saya rasa cantik abih la tu hehe.. but in the end had to give them to someone in my group since their leaves had withered (sapa suh hangpa ganaih sangaaaaaaaat aihhhh.. abih la kak Ayu tak leh buat jugak tahun ni sob.. sob..)

Anyway, jom tengok ape kitorg buat :)

First was a quick briefing by the rangers on what to do. Sy ngan berlagaknye tak dengar sgt sebab dah tau hehe.. Then we had to assist our groups in the making of the info cards.

Tu kak Nab cekak pinggang tgk sape tak buat tu hehe.. :D

Some almost complete ones.. memasing tgk kiri kanan wanna compare with their friends hehe..

Farid yg wpun dah buat jugak last year, still bersungguh-sungguh wat this year. Chaiyuk²! Ni one of the best junior fasi for this year. I liked him dari last year lagik. Just look at him helping the kids do theirs :)

This is a complete one from Sha's group

This one plak by Aiman who wanted his to be different from the others :)

Then some winners were announced. Here is Adib getting his prize. The others were Hadi, Aisyah, Afiqah and OSM.

After some fun with the herbarium, we had our lunch before heading back to USM. To once again la bebudak ni kene beratur..

"Barisan cantik, barisan luruuuuss.. angkat tangan, kaki rapat.. lurus barisaaann" Though otw back, terdapat lagu dan ikrar 'baru' led by Fattah. Sungguh la ampeh budak ini, abis nameku dijual!

Sampai je kat bas, upenye CMs kene tolong buh beg dlm bus la pulak since the kids sumer dah naik bus and tanak turun (kes berebut bus!) Sabo je laaaa..

Arrived at USM after everyone had a chance to sleep on the two-hour ride back. Then had some tea before we asked the students to continue with their scrapbook and discuss what they wanted to do for talentime. Around 6pm, we retired to our rooms to freshen up and pray.

That night, all headed to our school. The talentime was to be held there. Sampai je, since our VIP had not arrived yet, the room was a total chaos. Ade yg bising bersembang laa.. ade yang hafal skrip.. ..ade yang siapkan scrapbook!

Ni group Sha yg same je ngan fasi nye sempat je nmpk camera :p

Ni plak were the junior fasis getting ready for THEIR performance!

While jauh nun di tepi school, we CMs pun dok practice for our performance :D

The teachers were appointed the judges for the performances. Thus, started the talentime with the first group, Dragonfly..

Second group, Pagoda Snail..

Ni my group, Hydra, getting ready to start..

..before doing their own performance :) (Group sendiri mesti la buh gambo lebih satu :p)

Fourth group, Crab or better known as Crabby Patty in Mazlan's books hehe..

..and final group Mayfly!

This picture ni sy mcm tau je mase bile di ambil, judging from they way OSM and his friend tgh tgk belakang. The final group, with collabration ngan their fasi telah jugak menjual my name during their performance haha.. Ni Faizal yg ngaku ek.. huh! Sabo je laaa.. Takpe, ade ubi ade batassss.. hehe..

Then it was the junior fasi's turn to perform. The BEST performance of the night, may I add. Rugi tak leh masuk bertanding kan!

When it was our turn, sekali lagi my name dijual haha.. actually, time ni I felt like wanting so much for the floor to swallow me as the kids were chanting my name ramai² hahah.. but cam kate Arep, skrg dah jadi a very nice memory! Hmm, he's right.. but DURING that time, I really wanted to run!!!

So then, it was our turn, the CMs of the project!

Okay what kitorg nyanyi heheh..

And the winner of the night? Hydra laaaaaa :p

Other pictures can be seen here and here for EJW and Herbarium respectively. giler byk gambo woooo :D

Next episode: Botanical Gardens & Sg Pinang

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