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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

SSSPE ~ Water Quality Tests (Pt VII)

So there we were, menuruni bukit from the PBA waterfall. The 'downhill' trip was of course not as tiring as going uphill. Tu yg Hassan and Aqmal siap bleh 'peace' kat camera tuh..

Then we had our brunch a'la picnic style in the Botanical Garden. Picnic aje kan kitorg hehe.. ni lagi real a since it was in a real park :D The guys in green were from the Jabatan Alam Sekitar (JAS) for our next activity. Not sure if they ate with us ke tak..

Hahaha.. I REALLY like this next picture, though tak sure sape tangkap. Fattah was as usual 'memerap' then suddenly he took my hand and did a tug-of-war with it. But me, being on the higher ground and considerably 'bigger' than him, mesti la menang so kawan tak puas hati, dia ajak gang. Tu yang ade Muhaimin, Adam and others kat bwh tu but they still kalah (Ayu sedang perasan kuat!)

Then suddenly they had 'reinforcement' and I felt a push from my behind when Adib rushed to push me. Bedebab la jatuh on my butt like nangka busuk hahah.. actually the person had taken the whole process so ade la gambo I was pushed AND the picture of me on my butt but of course la I takkan buh kat sini kaaaaaaaaaaan :p

Sgt ampeh la diorg kaaan.. but I still like the picture above hehe.. so thanx to sape yg amik! Hahah.. though no thanx sbb ade gak gambo seterusnye yg agak la memalukan kaaan hehe..

Then we went to regroup a bit further on to hear the briefing from JAS. Tu pun, sambil tunggu, sempat ade budak (Adam ke?) relax bukan main je kat situ..

..and the briefing from JAS.

After that, we went to the stream to do some water quality testing with JAS.

While our own staff did the test using our own equipment jugak.. just for comparison.

The kids were asked to note down the results of the test so merate le deme mencari tempat menulis :)

..and whats this? Nape sumer org sengih while OSM was trying to capture something on his group's camera?

And tadaaa.. this was the rascal EVERYONE was trying to capture on their cameras! Chumel kan? Sgt beze from the usual monkeys 'strolling' around the Botanical Gardens.

After that, we headed towards the dirtiest river in Penang Island.. a.k.a tempat Baizurah hehehe.. jgn marah naa Bai :p

Arrived at the jetty in Sg Pinang after a 20-minute bus ride where we tried (but failed) to get some shut-eye.

Ececehhh Hanif ni.. nak dpt 'feel' ke tu?!!? :D

Though seeing the water here, takde nye sesape nak feeling kat sini.. right?

Enter the Raja Sungai, Ir Nasehir Khan!

Took us towards the end of the pier to look at the water around us.

Then we headed back to the jetty to get the results from the water quality test..

..before literally climbing up the bus to go back to USM.

Sunyi sepi bus otw back, except for the Jr Fasis (tidak termasuk Farid and Hanif) yg Innalillah punye bising! Iyer.. not MasyaAllah since that is reserved for the beauty of God's creation, but Innalillah! Seriously la you big kids ni cam budak kecik la pulak.

Arrived at USM and we had such a hard time waking up the kids. Farid and Hanif (both who got the best Jr Fasis') tido punye nyenyak (they really worked hard at being Junior Facilitators.. no wonder they won!) sampai punye susah la nak ngejutnye! Hanif even called me 'mak' when I finally managed to wake him up hahah..

..and after a yummy lunch, since the kids were well rested in the bus, it was back to scrapbooking :)

That night plak, had another session with Raja Sungai..

..then finished up on the scrapbooks and posters for the next day which was already the final day of the program. I 'forced' my group to stay-up till 12am top finish their scrapbook since they had sooooo much ideas but never finished!

Iyer, sebagai fasi, kak Ayu memang garang! :p

P/S For pictures on the PBA visit, you can see them here

Next episode: 'Chicken dance' & Closing ceremony

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