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Monday, July 06, 2009

SSSPE ~ Tree Top Walk and Bonfire (Pt III)

After Zohor prayers, the students were asked to go in the seminar room for a briefing on the Tree Top Walk. I was relieved la jugak hehe.. ye la, panas la nak jejalan atas tu time matahari atas kepala and mesti sy setuju nye for any delay of it :p Last year, we did this early in the morning, tu yang tahan je dulu :D

Tengok tu.. Ish² 'abg' Rashid ni.. kantoi 'tidoq' time briefing hehe..

After briefing, the kids took a walk along the path towards the TTW. Sangat berceramuk, right? Hehe.. mana pi lagu 'barisan luruuss' hangpa ni?!?

..up the path..

..then sampai BUT kene tunggu turn la kan!

Then, inside the room thingey before you step on the TTW were information boards of the TTW. Between us, I only read them last year when me, Puga and Amir went to do info-searching for the module hehe.. sgt malas kan!

Then up on the TTW. This picture is dedicated to Zaqqim Imdad (hambik ko name penuh hehe..) Sapa kata gambaq korg tadak :D

As last year, we had some quizes in the module regarding the things we find on the TTW. Prob is, since I didn't go for the training of trainers, I didn't know the info boards were different than last year. The result: Student konpius.. fasi lagik konpius!

Still, as usual, boy will be boys merayau jek :p..
..and girls would be the only ones doing the 'writing down answers'!

A quarter way of the TTW, you come across this river. Its actually the boundary between Kulim and Baling (?) as told to us last year by the Mr who took us three on the TTW for info-searching. Tapi serius sangat cantikkkkk!

Then on the highest peak of the TTW (26050mm from forest level), my group decided to take a photo hehe.. aci dak? Actually diorg ni boring kot, tu yg beria nak amik gambo. Last year since we did it early, my group managed to see so many animals.. tahun ni, satu pun tarak!

Bile turun je, we had to wait for the other groups la kan. So during this time, the kids took the oppurtunity to ask for our signatures. I had put that in the module and though it might look like bullying ala orientation week kene mntk sign², it was actually so the kids knew who were in charge and won't follow any random stranger since we were going places in this program.

Of course it turned out quite funny with some CMs refusing to sign (yg ni konpem la ala orientation week kan hehe..) and with the kids not knowing who is who.. An example here is our CM bongsu, Adib. Punye la tamau budak² tu tau name dia sampai tak mau pakai name tag (I had told them they MUST know the name of the CM before asking for the signature) so I made an announcement on who 'abg Adib' was so padan la muke dia kene kerumun pas tuh hehe.. 'abg Korea' (mandai jek bebudak ni kasik name, kan Arep!)plak kene sign..

..and cikgu Rahim!

After all groups has descended from the TTW, it was scrapbooking time! Back at the cafe, they sat in groups and started their scrapbooks..

This is Aneesa, the best female participant. Her friend tu I'm sorry to say I tak ingt le name.. sowi, dik! Their group got the best scrapbook prize btw..

And couldn't resist putting this picture sbb among the thousands, this is the ONLY picture of me yg tak nmpk gigi hehe.. we were doing the scrapbooking then and Aiman tu sempat je sengih in the camera kaaann..

..still concentrating on the scrapbooking!

And adik ni sgt la tekun melukis outcome of the bio indicator kan :) While Fadzrul kat sebelah tu dok buat ape tatau..

This one plak of Rashid's group also scrapbooking. Nmpk la sgt kan dengan semaknye meja mereke itu :D

Then around 5.30pm we stopped and went to our respective rooms to freshen up for the night activity. Rase sgt la bes mandi air sejuuuukkkk. Then dekat kul 7pm, had our dinner plak. Picture below is of Aisyah, anak bongsu Dr Mail who insisted on joining the program.. and was a good participant jugak. She was my unofficial group member dan same je excited ngan yg lain in every activity.

While kat luar plak, the bonfire was prepared as such..

..then at night.. tadaaaa!

Everyone berkumpul la duduk kat depan cafe tu..

We had the bio-indicator presentation and a short talk from the JPS promoting the River Rangers. Bes la jugak and this year ade la gambo the bonfire kan banding with last year yg gambo tak clear (tak salahkan camera Fared tau!)

Then another group photo for the night before retiring for much needed sleep in preparation for tomorrow :)

Next episode: Educational Jungle Walk & Herbarium

P/S See other photos here, here and here for all 'TTW', random pics and 'bonfire' respectively

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