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Thursday, July 09, 2009

SSSPE ~ PBA Waterfall (Pt VI)

Next morning was another rise and shine moment as we had to board the bus at 7am. Brought some bihun for everyone's breakfast to eat in the bus. The journey took some time as we were heading towards the Botanical Gardens in the island of Penang so most of us managed to catch a few more winks in the bus.

..and once again "Barisan cantikkk, barisan lurusss.."

Opps, benti jap adik², amik air mineral sebotol sorang. Long hike we have ahead of us so better get your water rations ready :)

Heheh.. cam caterpillar kan.. or that game we used to play when smaller, Ibu Ayam & Anak Ayam :D Cume tadek 'musang' je kat depan tu..

So we walked..

..and walked..

..and walked..

..and walked..

..and walked..

(more like hiked la kot even if it was on paved roads hehe..)

..and finally we arrived at our destination! Yeay!

But whats this? Aiyak, kene panjat lagik ke?!?! Uwaaaaaaaaaaaa..

Sampai je kat atas, everyone found a spot to rest their tired legs. Tapi yg heran tu tgk org² tua selambe je jogging besides us hehe.. TANPE muke yg letih!

Then, as usual, had the briefing. this one by En Azizan whom I had dealt with last year for the same activity.

We were then given a guide each who would take us through the treatment plant and all the processes involved in producing the cleanest of waters. Right in front of the building, was a SHOWER?!? I'll never know what its purpose is since my guide didn't take us there :(

Then, "The wheels of the bus go round and round.. round and round.. round and round.." Heheh, tah pape tak adik² ni main. At first I was afraid they had usik certain devices but turned out those 'wheels' are no longer used, replaced by modern machinery.

Ni pulak the room where they monitor the chemical contents of the water (Betoi ka ni, Ayu?!?)

After that we were taken to the most looked-forward-to place in the plant. But at first.. Yup! You got it right, kene panjat LAGI!

..dan lagi! Sampai terase lenguh kaki² ku ini..

But the view was worth it! An undisturbed beauty of nature. Hilang penat when you see it :)

Then of course, ape gune camera? Took a snap of my group (notice I'm not in it :D) before descending..

This is the view of the plant from 'up above'

Ni plak while the kids found excuse to NOT walk another milimeter by pretending to ask questions hehe..

And lucky us, we actually got to witness the cleaning of the 'filter' in the plant. Kerumun abis la kitorg sebab tak penah tengok kan :D Was very interesting to watch all the teh-tarik-like bubbles and foam while the cleaning was carried out. It was a first for me too, not the kids je tau :D

Then ade yang took the oppurtunity to sign the guest book

Then, what would an outing do without a group photo, right? Heheh..

Next episode: Water Quality Tests

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