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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Sg Sedim~Sg Pinang update.. or NOT! (Pt I)

Okay.. I've got the pictures of the programme (actually dah byk hari dah I've had the pictures hehe..) and I've been thinking of updating on them but..


NOT that I'm complaining :)

Last year we only had Fared's personal camera so pictures were limited and senang nak pilih. AND Fared was also a fasilitator so not many pictures could be taken due to us being busy with the kids.

This year, not only do we have cameras assigned to EACH group. We also have 2 more photographers, Mazlan and abg Fauzi who were in charge with the pictures and video only so we got loads of pictures from both of them combined.. I'm guessing thousands here! And ikutkan hati I wanna put all in my blog hahah.. but kene la pilih kan. Thats why I still haven't updated <--lousy excuse or what?

Anyway, I WILL post the entry in due time (still going gaga over the pictures as I wanna chose pictures for my scrapbook jugak)..


*Ceh! Mcm org tunggu sgt pun kannnn hehe..*

Anyway.. sementara tu I'll put in a few pictures during 'the night before'..

This one of Rahim (CM from last year jugak), Adib (adik to Amir, also CM from last year) and Arep yg ngadap laptop (tetibe je tanak pandang camera ek? Tp sempat gak peace tuuu :p)

This one of close up on Adib.. satu-satunye committee member (CM) yg umoq tak cukup 20 haha..

This one of Rashid (fellow fasi this year) and Anim (transportation and boarding CM for this year)

Kole (same CM as Anim) Gile kan tahun ni ramai CM. Last year kitorg kitorg 8(?) orang la tercungap buat sumer keje hehehe..

This one Amir (CM from last year also) tgh khusyuk potong name tag..

..and all of us lepas dah nak siap! It was nearly 3am kot mase ni. All those bags were given to the participants tau. Jenuh la bebudak ni susun the files sumer tu :D

Okay, nnt sy sambung balik. Hafta choose the pictures for the first day dulu :p

P/S This entry punye pics not from Mazlan nor abg Fauzi tau. Ni from the camera assigned to my group though bukan me la amik gambo. Mase ni sumer take a hand at trying the camera so can't really say who the photographer was :p

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