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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Ughh.. 'nightmare' in front of my door!

Hmm.. asyik citer pasal Sedim je kan, this entry a bit different.

I'm in school, wanting to finish up a few tasks before going to Kuala Woh (not sure of the spelling, aci?) on tomorrow morning (or maybe late tonight ~ depends on the outcome of our discussion nnt!). Huhu, nak bg ilang rase bersalah la tu sbb nak cuti Friday and Monday haha..

Anyway, I came back from my class as usual around 10.15pm and since I had planned to go to school, I just parked outside my house, wanting a quick dash inside to pray before going out again. As I neared the front door of the house, I noticed something unusual right in front of the door.

Squinting (I don't actually have a 20-20 vision kaaaan), I realized it was something quite big (about one and a half 'penumbuk').. and it had eyes!!!

Aaarrrrrggghhhhhhh! Not you again!!!!

God! There must be something wrong with my house nowadays. Only last week, on Wednesday jugak a smaller version of it had entered my house and I had to ask for assistance from Salleh (lucky for me since they just moved in two doors away) to throw it away.. ughhh!

..and today! A gigantic version of it. Even Arep who helped to shoo it away this time was suprised at its size.. giler tul! Why?!?!

And of all things, my next door neighbour pun kuar sibuk nak tau what happened. Arep dah gelak², sy dah termalu coz all this while sy sgt sombong dengan mereka hahah.. and paling memalukan when I heard him go inside his house telling his housemates, "K**** je..!"

Sheeshhh.. that teaches me to run away from my neighbours kan!

Sib baik ade Arep.. tenkiu cik adik!

*Shudders at the memory of it*

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