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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The raya break

Hmm.. Baizurah requested a raya entry.. tp not really in the mood for it as I didn't have the raya I had in mind. Seriously BORING (with capital letters, as you can see..) All in all, only beraye to.. one (kak Wahid), two (Wan Chik), three (Tok Ah) and four (Pah Nyah) houses.. sib baik la my purple baju raye tak sempat nak siap so on those two days, I only wore my fairly new clothes I've worn only once or twice before.

But just because I didn't enjoy my raye, doesn't mean I had a boring break huh.. hehe..

Let's see, on Tuesday I was still in Nibong Tebal (not going to school btw, just cleaning up my house). Washing the curtains, the table spread (yeah, I only have one that is used for ALL occasions hehe.. dah kawen nnt kot baru nak rajin beli :p), my laundry, cleaning the porch, and the house (though I didn't get the chance to 'attack' those cobwebs yet!). Then cooking for iftar as I had promised Adi so managed to cook three things.. an accomplishment for me who stays alone and am content with only one dish per day (or three days haha..)

By 1pm I was ready so I went to meet up with a friend for an 'experiment' I wanted to him to do to prove something hahah.. tatau la experiment tu jadi ke tak. Then headed off to Abah's house to drop off some raya goodies (cookies, munchies and kek lapis). Irfan 'pretended' to not know me haha.. that what I get for seeing my little brother so seldomly. Umi was just going out with Annisa (who can now call me K'yong instead of Ayong.. still have to teach her KAK YONG!) to buy some beef for rendang (which unfortunately dah abis la kan.. kul 2 dah time tu, esok nak raye, konpem la daging dah abis)

Then rushed back home since I had promised Adi to take him out. Arrived home and was a bit frustrated at something. After praying and having the usual banter with Adi, we went to QBay. Adi wanted to buy something for Abah for raye (Abah was born on the eve of Aidilfitri) but the choices they offered here weren't as much as he had seen in KL. Then Adi looked around for some jeans. There were good offers out there and once again I stress what I had once said last year, shopping with a guy is more tiring.. sib baik la adik sendiri hahah.. The jeans we had liked were outta his size (sehari sebelum raye, jeans pun lawo, mesti la size yg popular dah abis kan) so he bought another one.

Then we went to Borders. I wanted to buy a book for Irfan's belated birthday and had to buy one for Annisa jugak la kan, nnt merajuk pulak budak kecik tu. Then Adi showed me a this graphic novel(?) he wanted to buy and since I didn't have any idea on what to buy for his birthday on that Sunday, I offered to pay it for him (Which he claimed was my raya gift to him so I still owe him a birthday present :p)

Went down to buy some takoyaki (Ana la ni ajo Izati, pastu Izati ajo saya.. skrg ni asyik nak beli je :p) and some Brahim spices I wanted to send to Ashraf. Looking at our watches, it was nearly 7pm so we rushed to the musolla for our Asar prayers (Teruk punye Ayu!) then headed to the parking. It was then that we saw this chips shop.. and its not secret that we are crazy for potatoes so we headed there first. There was this vast choice for the chip so we settled with the honey mustard topping. Initially we wanted to BBQ sauce topping but they were outta it. While waiting, we bought some drinks for iftar and noticed a maybe-not-so-new restaurant there.

I had received emails about themed-restaurants in Japan and didn't realize that those kinda restaurants are here now. So me and Adi had a good look around at the restaurant hehe..

Then, that night, we went out with Ikram since Ikram also wanted to buy some pants. Headed to Sunshine as it was the nearest and since we had got out quite late around 9pm (Promised Ikram after I prayed but me and Adi ended up chatting upstairs and only when we heard Ikram making the Tarzan sound downstairs did we rush to pray while me trying to supress my laughter as Ikram 'berleter' macam mak cik heheh..). Ikram and Adi both bought pants while I bought a t-shirt. Was suprised to see kak Su opis there and found out she lives in Sg Nibong Kecik.. wahh, kecik tul dunia ni heheh.. upenye kakak opisku tinggal 10 minit je dari rumahku selame ini.

After that we headed to Tanjung Tokong to send Ami's layered cake to her mum's. She's celebrating with her in laws this year so it was up to me to send the cake to my bestfriend's family :) After that our tummies were grumbling. Me and Adi only had the tako and chips for iftar so we shouldn't be suprised, but Ikram also complained of being hungry so off we went back to Sunshine but this time we went to KFC to try out the oven roasted wings and burger since Iskandar said in Penang, only this KFC had the oven menu.. yummy! Sedap giler makan..

Next day raye agak la bosan kan.. *sigh*

By noon, Izati was so bored she said to me, "Kak Yong, jom la pegi rumah kawan kak Yong yang mak dia masak sedap tu" which means, kak Wahid so ape lagi, after Zohor, we headed off there and as usual, the food was superb. Mak dia memang pandai masak.. rajin plak tu. And paling bes, we got duit raya from kak Wahid.. RM10 each hahah.. (Ayu sgt tak malu remind kak Wahid that I'm still a student heheh..)

Balik tu, Adi ajak gi QBay cari tako heheh. So that was were we headed to after maghrib, raya attire and all. Bought three sets of tako and this potato thingey that was actually like crisps when we were hoping for chips.. kurang la sedapnye but we had a good time at QBay.

Next day we had our raye which I was soooooo waiting for. First went to Abah's but didn't received any duit raye there hehe.. had a good time with Annisa who ept wanting her brother's book and ignoring the book I bought for her. While Irfan decided that he wanted to finish the whole jar of maruku which was quite spicy. Btw, this is Irfan pretending to drive and being confused on why his Alang (Adi) was taking his picture..

Then we went back to Kuala Kangsar to Wan Chik's. Met abg Sher there and seperti biase la th house jadik bising with all of us nak 'bergaduh' with each other. He had bought his girlfriend along and I'm afraid we must've frightened her hehe.. After going to Tok ah's house, we went to Taiping to Pah Nyah's house before going back to Penang.

On Friday, after Jumaat prayers, we (Me, Adi and Izati) went to QBay to catch the Eagle Eye. Good movie, and might make you think twice about technology and artificial intelligence. Then we bought Izati to the chips shop and got hold of the BBQ sauce topping, signature meat topping and wasabi mayo topping.. but our vote still goes with the honey mustard topping. Btw, background itu adelah tangan Ayu memegang chips serta perut boroi Adi sambil Izati ambil gambo mase tunggu lift hehe..

Went to SnJ to buy some cards as my stock was almost 'depleted' and Adi found these figurines of L, Light, Misa and Ryuk. He bough L as it was the cutest woth most parts.. and asked me, "Klau mintak kak misa belikan Misa for me bleh tak?" Cehhhh.. tgh adik saya ni Misa! Heheh..

Lupe plak nak cakap, before going out to QBay, we went to the kedai kain (I will always call this shop by this name.. I did all my school uniforms here) coz Adi wanted to 'alter' his jeans while me and Izati went to book the Raspberry Chocolate cake for Adi's early birthday suprise..

So when we arrived home, Izati cooked the koay teow while I prepared the roasted chicken (bought.. not roasted by me laaa..) and bandung ijau (Adi said green is his birthday colour) and tadaaaa.. Adi's early birthday suprise!

You can see the book I bought for him which he is holding as well as his L figurine and SnJ frame we got there. He wanted it to look like he had lots of presents hahah.. jadik la Adi oiiiii!

So I guess, that's all I can tell about my raya.. not much of a raya huh.. but I had fun with my family :)

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