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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Raya three years ago..

While searching for some PhD cartoon to put in our first newsletter, I found this picture. It was taken a few rayas ago at Toroque's house in Tasek Gelugor. So to those who have never seen my two best cousins, here they are :) With their wives jugak.. rasenye this was Toroque's first raya as a husband kot. Sekarang dah nak masuk anak ketiga dah huhu..

So from left to right: Toroque, Mat Nizam, Cikgu Fauzi, Yokies with son, Amat and wife, kak Maria, me and kak Azu (Toroque's wife)

It was one of best raya ever :) Even when I had gone to Penang (was staying at Kuale then) with my siblings, sent them to the Penang island before going back to the mainland to be with my buddies. Kenyang sampai ke malam beraye hari tu hehe..

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