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Friday, October 24, 2008

The 'Open House' Season :D

One look at the title and everyone smiles.. tul tak? Hehe..

Actually, the reason I'm a bit 'perak' about open houses is that the previous year, I always miss open houses. I'm the type of person who does her puase nam and puase ganti ASAP. Usually after Syawal, I don't have to think of them anymore (pose nam lagi la konpem kan tak yah nak pk pun klau dah bukan Syawal hehe..) But the downside to this is that in my haste to finish it, I forget about the invitations.. and its worse when the invitations come on the day itself la kan.

This year though, its different. Due to my period (something wrong with it), I had more puase-less days hahah.. AND since I've somehow become the unofficial tukang jemput (Can you believe, orang lain buat open house but Ayu jadik tukang jemput hahah.. people seem to think that I'm a moving internet ke ape ke, boleh tolong spread the invitation around.. and the irony of it is: Ayu tak buat open house langsung! Hmm, maybe they're actually hinting at me about this when they ask me to be the 'bearer of the open house news', whadya think?!)

Among the open houses I went was kak Ana's. Its actually the first official open house I went to. She made some laksa and lontong.. yummy! And though some might be bored of it, I was delighted to find nasi himpit and kuah kacang. I dunno why I've always liked this simple dish :) I went alone as the other HiTEGians went with their family (Ahhh.. the peril of being single!) The highlight of kak Ana's open house was when a cobra came into the house and kak Ana slammed the door shut just in time to catch its head in the doorway. Terkejut teman.. but it didn't effect my appetite la kan heheh.. After Farood (kak Ana's husband) caught the snake, I just continued eating as if takde pa pe jadik :p

Then 2 hours later went to Fisya+Apit's open house at their home in Jawi. We had actually planned to go there early, just so we won't get caught up in the afternoon crowd but Sharil had to wait for these contractors to finish their job so in the end we went there at 6pm. Ok la kan, since kak Ana's food pun dah digested by then so bleh la makan kat umah Fisya. Here, I also cari my nasi impit (like I said, some might say its boring, but not me!) and was delighted to find the kuah kacang just like arwah Pah Chu's, with some beef in it :) Didn't plan to eat their mee kuah ketam as I was still full (wpun cam sedap je tengok Sharil makan, kuah dia nye isi byk giler) but Fisya wouldn't hear of it and Ayu dipakse gak makan.. sib baik makan! Sedap woooooo..

Btw, these were both on the same day. I could only attend open houses on Sunday as I still had my class on Saturday.

On Tuesday plak, we had the school's open house. Lagi la meriah, with Dr Razip and Dr Nor Azam sponsoring the feast. Had lemang with rendang, nasi impit (2 bende wajib yg Ayu amik dulu.. and sgt sedap the rendang!), lontong (biase² je), pastries (sedap tp masin skit), kuih (4-5 jenis gak rasenye.. the traditional type), chicken satay, cendol and the list goes on (sbnrnye tak ingt ape lagi ade haha.. tp byk laaaa!)

Then that Friday had an open house at En Azman's house in Permatang Pauh. We went there after office hours, tapi dah kul 6 lebey la jugak bertolak dari sini. (Tunggu sorg tu lambat siap.. uhhh, sebut kang kecik ati, terpakse buat tak perasan dia lambat siap haha even when I know, he was just waiting for me to comment on him being late hehe..). Penuh gak la kete Salleh as I went there with him, Ad, Sharil and Ramadhan. Abg Fadzil and family had gone first while we waited for our late friend and there we ate some nasik ayam (sedap), pulut kuning with rendang (paling sedap), bihun sup (tatau la ape rase.. dah kenyang time ni) and some birthday cake (En Azman's daughter was 7 that day). Makanan lain dah tak pasan sbb dah kenyang sgt dah time ni. Dan sungguh tak malu la group from USM ni, kecoh rumah En Azman with us aje. Org tu usik org ni, org ni usik org tu.. gaduh² la like in the postgrad room, mane tak bising.. sib baik la En Azman senyum je ngan kitorg.. wpun dalam hati, Tuhan je yang tahu la kan.

That Sunday plak umah abg Fadzil but 1st I went to Hasz's house. Baru tengah pk² nak makan ape for lunch (Didn't eat yet sbb we planned to go late since Sharil n Lah ade keje and Ad had gone to repair her car) and she called.. rezeki! Her in laws are from Kuala Kangsar and on that day I found out we were related.. on both sides plak tu. Kecik tul dunia ni.. Had some fried macaroni and my usual nasi impit but other things on the menu were nasik goreng and lakse Kuale. Sempat belajar this pudding from her mum.. nnt klau experiment pudding ni jadik, I post it here, k.

Petang tu off to abg Fadzil's. The usual lemang and nasi impit ade (which sekali lagi jadik menu 1st Ayu) and there was also some mee kicap (I had first come upon this menu at Tronoh.. and still tak pandai nak makan). Kuih² tak yah nak kate la kan but the best was the rendang Tok and chicken curry :)

Malam tu gi lagi umah abg Fadzil, tolong kak Nor basuh pinggan but had to stay until 11pm sbb ramai sgt la pulak jemputannye. And since tak kenal sgt kawan² diorg ni, Ayu jadik anak dare sunti sembunyi kat dapur haha..

Lupe plak, Sentot also did her open house on this day tapi tak sempat nak gi hehe.. tu la Baizurah, awak tgk la saya makan brape byk umah aritu, gi umah awak, konpem tak leh nak makan.. tengok je.. tak ke rugi namenye tu klau setakat tgk je :p

Then Wednesday, the Geotechnical group in the school did their own feast. Tak jadi Ayu puase hari tu heheh.. Abg Fadzil's sister was catering for it and it was superb. Nasik tak kenal but the lauk was yummy. 4 types of kuih (cara berlauk, bengkang keladi, tepung pelita and apetah satu lagi tak ingt) and mee curry. Sejam kitorg duk situ hehe..

In the afternoon, suddenly Dr Bad invited us to his open house. Wahhh, rezeki. Tak kuar duit langsung la kitorg ari tu. And like at En Azman's, sini pun budak² USM buat kecoh haha.. sampai tersedak² especially when everyone buat the lawak 6.00-7.00 (Our secret la kan) His wife prepared nasik tomato yang Ayu telah tertelan tanpe mengunyah bile Yana buat lawak kat meje makan. Gelak tak benti.. and just as I was thinking it would stop, someone else would make a joke.. adeh! Sakit perut.. dah masuk kete pun, sempat dpt sms from Sharil yg tak pegi pun, tp dia pun buat lawak 6.00-7.00. Heheh.. ternyate lawak itu sungguh glamer dikalangan kitorg yang tau makne dia.. klau tau kat Dr Bad, konpem dia kecik ati.. *Gulp! Baru pas mntk maap plak tu*

So now its back to fasting..

Tapi Ahad ni open house abg Azahar plak. Dunno what he's preparing la tp. Mule tadi not sure to go or not sbb Ad not sure, tp abg Fadzil ajak gi skali with his family, kire jadik le pegi so not fasting lah this Sunday. Then Monday is Sharil's open house. Ingat nak pose jugak sbb nak lawan ngan abg Fadzil kan haha.. tp Sharil tak bg heheh.. Still, since his family's open house until night, kitorg (termasuk la Ad..) ingat puase jugak la. Klau Salleh, Ellie and Iz pun nak pose, lengkap la our rombongan org berpuase ke rumah Sharil haha..

So orang lain, ade lagi nak jemput kitorang to open houses?!?!

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