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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rakan² sekatil hehe..

This is entry mengade sebab feeling as if dah lame tak update.. and yes, these are my 'bedmates' hehe.. wpun sekarang more often than not, I'd rather push them off the bed before I sleep instead of sleeping with them. Ye la, they get the bed the whole day long, I only get it at night whaaaaat :p Maybe jugak because i'm suddenly feeling more adult and dah takmo tido ngan bende² ni dah kot heheh..

Anyway, a few days ago suddenly felt as if they need a wash so I popped them in the washing machine (Iyer, saya manusia pemalas dan tak reti nak basuh tangan bende² ni :p)

So here's the first group yang dipakse 'mandi'..

And here's the second one..

There should be a third one tapi nanti la ye wahai bedmate² ku.. and oh! Just ignore the untidy background! Baru balik umah time ni, malas nak kemas umah :p And another thing, excuse the quality of the picture, eversince my digicam merajuk with me, I've had to be content with my phone jek :(

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