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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kedai duduk sile

:D *sengih seperti kerang busuk*

Actually the name of the restaurant is something else but Salleh and Arip gave it this new name because you could actually cross your legs here :)

Went there on Saturday after sending Remy off to Japan. I was fasting on that day and had a class so we went there after Maghrib. Its just a normal restaurant, the food pun ok laaaa.. tp tmpt makan yang menarik. took some pictures tp low quality ones je la kan sbb just from my phone.

This is Salleh explaining to me about the 'hut' we ate in.

Here's Arip, behind him is actually a very pretty bamboo tree yang suda tidak nampak di dalam gambar ini.. sheesh!

Ini jugek cantikkk..

And this is the view from the parking lot.. suke!

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