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Friday, October 31, 2008

What my weekend would be centred upon..

Yeay! A few hours ago, I got the books I ordered and now I know what to do this weekend hehe..

Yea yeahhh.. I know! These are old books maybe, but still, I haven't read them. Okay, maybe I've watched the movie or something, but all bookworms know, THE BOOK IS ALWAYS BETTER! I've bought.. hmmm, 8 book I think from her and mostly they are movie tie-ins like the books above.

Anyway, just a quick advert here. I ordered these book from The Books Galore, an online book rental store. It is managed by a girl I only know only by the name of Zawani and though we haven't met before, she's a pretty great girl and fellow bookworm. We've IMed several times (about books.. what else!) and she's always happy to help whenever you wanna find a book.

I've already bought books from her three times already, I think and everytime, I'm satisfied with the condition of the book as well as the service. So to any bookworms out there, try to drop by here at the link I gave above, k

To Ana.. thanx ek bg link ni kat saya aritu.. skrg dah selalu sgt tengok² buku kat sini :)

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