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Monday, September 29, 2008

Pasar Ramadhan

It's 4.55pm and I just came back from the pasar Ramadhan in Parit Buntar. It was raining but I HAD to go hahah.. for some nasik ayam Apollo! And not only for the nasik, but also to ask the kakak if she sells her nasik ayam after Ramadhan and where does she sell it. I mean, it was my only chance to know or I'd have to wait for next Ramadhan.. if I'm still 'here'

So.. yeay! I know where her shop is :)

And I also had to go because for 4 years I've been buying pudding from this kakak and her family. But believe me, this year, I couldn't find her anywhere.. until yesterday! So since today is my last day here before I go back to Penang yesterday, I just had to go buy her puddings. I got my favourite banana pudding and also got some peach pudding and kiwi pudding. Pity about this one is this kakak and her family only sell these pudding during Ramadhan..

So right now, though I had a pretty boring morning, I'm VERY content here now in the afternoon *smiling happily*

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