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Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday blues, reds, greens, yellows heheh..

Today is Monday.. so its normal to have the Monday blues. But what's not normal is to find myself in a dark room. Hah! I arrived at 10.05am after going for some petrol and topping up my Touch n Go for the festive season (wanted to go for some N2 for the tyre but there were way too many people at the place I usually go) and I arrived at school with NO ONE IN THE POSTGRAD ROOM!

Semua orang dah balik raya.. and I'm bored!

Was thinking of doing Dzul's tag, but kepale malas nak fikir 15 unknown facts about myself sbb macam semua dah diketahui jek heheh..

Then was thinking of going through current episodes of Prison Break S4 that Fahmi had given me last week, but I can't seem to find my external hard disc (which was supposed to be for my PhD but is actually full with movies and favourite TV series haha.. Sorry Dr Farhan!)

Sat down to calculate my expenditure and budget. Wanted to replace the timing belt and supposedly I'm able to do it this month (RM500.. gile tul!) but with raya around the corner and Adi's birthday this Sunday, rase cam postpone je. Lagipun the mechanic told me its actually good to go for a few thousand km lagi so leh relax skit. Lagipun, kang tak celebrate birthday my favourite brother tu, merajuk plak dia (Alasan la pulaaaaak, gune name Adi hahah..). Tambah plak lagi dah lebey kurang cam janji nak beli berpaket serunding for myself and for 3 friends yg nak gi oversea (Ashraf and Remy.. sorang tu kitorang terpakse la post sbb dia tak balik raye tahun ni.. cian Lie heheh..) Berkilo jugak la kan.. and RM pun berterbangan! Then kene renew my driving license (Eleee kemut, bukan mahal pun kan?! Kan?!) Mak oiii, my bank account suda kurus..

Then memain with CIMBClicks. Hahah, before this, I always had a problem with it tp since dah boleh dah, abis la dok register semua bill and important accounts kat situ (my pay mmg dapat kat sini pun so don't ask "Nape tak gune MayBank2u?" Kinda sick of that question..)

Then bukak pos Malaysia online to check parcel rates. The last parcel we wanted to send to Lie was charged RM320 haha.. giler! Sape suh gune courier. So this time the kakak² opis asked me to go check with Pos Malaysia for the rates.. tp heran, nape dlm byk² country, takde UK.. adeh la Pos Malaysia ni, tak update website ke?


Now its 11.15.. huh? Baru 11.15?!?!?!!?

It's gonna be a long day..

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