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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Air ijau dia hehe..

What picture is this huh?

Haha.. not many people might understand it, except a few of us.. You see, during Ramadhan last year, there was this person who was, you could say, obsessed with his air hijau Kulim. He had bought it one day at the pasar Ramadhan or somewhere and EVERYDAY he'd talk about it. And I mean it when I say he was obsessed. Sanggup tu pegi Kulim semate nak beli air ijau dia tu..

I teased him, telling him the mak cik air wanted him as her son-in-law so ade bace ape² la tu kat air tu but he just smirked at me and I continued to tease him till the end of Ramadhan.

Then a few days ago, while talking to a mutual friend, I remembered this guy's air hijau so I asked this friend if this guy has been raving about his air hijau this Ramadhan. Upenye tak sebut pulak dia tahun ni, and this mutual friend yang memang org Kulim told me the 'air ijau tu mcm air bandung je la, kak Ayu!'

Tp pulak, the next day while I was malas² nak mandi before iftar, this guy called me and asked me if I was home. Ingat nape, upenye he wanted to send me some of his air hijau he just bought hahahah.. wanting to prove air tu sedap la tu kononnye hehe..

Should've known, still obsessed.. so I'm calling him menantu mak cik air ijau from now on!

And to tell you the truth, agak betul jugak la kot, like bandung biase tp sedap sbb sanggup tu dia gi beli kat Kulim haha.. Kinda reminded me of the bandung hijau I did one Ramadhan which Pojie and Dgon refused to drink sbb kate Pojie, "PELIK!" Dgon last tu minum jugak la and ngaku pun my air tu sedap.. tp yg budak sorang lagi ni rasenye till the end tak minum my bandung hijau.

And to 'menantu mak cik air ijau': Thanx for sharing it with me.. :)

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