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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday in school

1. Bloghopping.. found out was tagged by Mael, Ayeen and Dzul hahah.. ade hati nak buat, tapi nanti la ye.. Wanted to comment on Ana's blog tp asyik tak leh je.. last week, Adi nye pun jadik camtu, nape ye?

2. Checked my mail.. and since it has been a long time since I last composed (bese forward je..) an email for a group of people, in this case the ACEPRO regarding the iftar on the 23rd nanti, took me nearly half an hour just to compose this.. Huh, Ayu semakin teruk in writing:


Dear fellow students and members of ACEPRO..

The school has decided to conduct an iftar for the school staff and the Association of Civil Engineering PostGraduates and Research Officers (ACEPRO) has been invited to join in for the iftar. It will InsyaAllah be held on the 23rd September 2008 (23rd Ramadhan 1429) at the Banquet Hall near the staff cafe and will start at 6.00pm. The tentative programme for the iftar is as follows

6.00pm: Tahlil
7.00pm onwards: Waiting for iftar and the feast itself. Then we will head to the Pusat Islam for Maghrib prayers.

The iftar is on donation basis so you can give whatever amount you wish, but please be reasonable as I have been asked to remind you the cost per head is around RM8 and all the staff are also pitching in for this iftar. Another thing to be reminded is that this invitation is only extended to students and ACEPRO members ONLY.

Those who wish to join or donate to the programme, please be in touch with me at the Postgraduate Room 1 (Room 1.25) before Wednesday, 17th September 2008 as the plans for the iftar must be finalised by the end of the week and the people in charge would like to know the total number of ACEPRO members that would be joining in.

Thank you and have a blessed Ramadhan.


3. Wrote down addresse of friends whom I wanna send raya cards to. My address book outdated dah, and the latest address of friends are merate² in my cube!

4. Hmm.. thats about it hahah.. huh, giler! One hour and 20 minute and all I managed to do was those three things je.. ceh!!!

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