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Sunday, June 11, 2006

World Cup inspired..

Hahah.. tipu.. truth is, I got the idea of this entry from Misa's 360 Yahoo! blog yesterday.

Now I pay more attention to the Yahoo! 360 blog as my friends have made it their main blog now. Though the features maybe not be as great as other blogs, but what makes it fun is because they are ACTIVELY dropping by.. Misa, Anie, Adi, Ana, Iwan and others.. I've even updated some entries over there! More than I've submitted before haha..

Well, this entry is actually an entry combined from two previous entries I've submitted in my 360 blog. And, yeah, I've added a thing or two, considering the current situation now.. World Cup situation la! Though NOT la THAT much.. I'm not a soccer fan, remember!

So, last night while reading Misa's entry on the World Cup, it suddenly occured to me to write my two cent worth on my thoughts (or lack of it) on the World Cup. Errr, don't expect anything that has even the slightest relation to soccer coz I DUNNO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!

Still, I typed 'World Cup' at the search engine and the first thing that was displayed is

Germany: 2 Costa Rica: 1

(this was during halftime la)

So me and Misa were talking about how much we don't quite understand soccer haha.. Then a few minutes later, I refreshed the page and ta-dddaaa.. a new score was displayed

Germany: 3 Costa Rica: 2

I told Misa about it and within a few minutes, a 'newer' score was displayed

Germany: 4 Costa Rica: 2

Hey, don't get me wrong, I'm not really interested anyway.. Like what I said to my cousin Jai just now (Tuko name ah ye, Nyah Zai!), I'm just into the updates, NOT the game. Updates pun KALAU kebetulan ternampak haha.. Kalu tak, idak le jugak amik tau.. And yeah, I agree with him when he said, girls are only interested in the cute faces, regardless of the team OR the talent haha! C'mon la, Nyah Zai, what ELSE could we understand, anyway?

Except for the minority of us who suprisingly, doesn't only understand it, but also LOVES it! I remember kak Yani, my roommate a few years ago. She was soooooooooooo into soccer. At first I thought it was the I-like-the-cute-guys type of fan, but it turned out, she could talk about it non-stop, and even predict the outcome of the games, as well as who would be playing in the semifinals and all that stuff.. Well, thats MORE than what the rest of us girls could say anyway hehe..

Why do I have a feeling I dah lari tajuk?

Ooo.. back to the scores. I was highly awed by the fact that the net ("Dunia tanpa sempadan" kate Misa) is very quick to update the scores. I mean, I was sitting in front of my pc, without any visual of the game and yet, I would know the exact moment a goal was scored.. kagum²! They are really entertaining the fans of soccer from all over the world, eh? I mean, wow! Cepat giler update! At least, the I-dont-quite-understand-a-thing-about-guys-chasing-balls type of people like me would at least KNOW a few thing about it, huh!

Right now, Nasser and Riyas is full of guys. Even kaki bangku guys who suddenly have gained a considerable amount of knowledge on soccer ONLY during the World Cup. I went there just now, and quickly moved on as I felt segan plak lalu situ..

Like I said in my other blog, thus, starts a whole month of not-seeing-your-male-colleagues in day light. You don't have to go far, say, the school of Civil Engineering, USM. Bilik postgrad, comfirm tadek male postgrads until maybe after Zohor, itu pun if you're lucky enough haha.. Our mostly male staff would be missing too, I expect, and the school would be only filled with the female staff and students.

Uishh.. malas nak type lain. I'm pasting a bit of my entry in my 360 blog here ~~

Yup, ari ni, or rather pagi ni, bermula la a month long marathon for the World Cup matches. Pojie awal² dah cakap, confirm dtg school lewat so I can expect to not see him for the whole month, giler bola tul la diorg nih..

School: Konpem sunyi.. pagi² mesti staf perempuan je ade.. klau ade staf laki, itu yg tak minat bola le tu..

Shopping Complex: Kalu malam, mesti penuh ngan perempuan jek.. laki sumer ngadap TV

Cinema: Penuh ngan deserted girlfriends, dejected wives and single people like me haha..

Whole world: The same exact time, the wives would sulk (except if they are the football-crazy types la), the girlfriends would plot revenge for being ignored but the mothers might feel relieved to let their son's get engrossed in the game.. kot la. The guys plak, tak yah cari jauh².. cari je depan TV or kat stadium tu sendiri.. klau kat Malaysia ni, kat kedai mamak mesti ramai berkumpul depan screen² beso tu.. mau plak game kul 9pm, then 12am, then 3am.. alamat bontot memasing berakaq la kat kerusi kedai mamak tu. Tak caye kalu, cube korg check.. haaa, kan dah kate, ade a hint of akar serabut kat situ that within the month akan tukar jadi akar tunjang.. tengok la nnt!

This would be a great time for a girls night out.. tul tak?
Tp still bosan, tak leh cuci mate laaaa..

So, for revenge.. (ni especially for the married couples la)..

DON'T COOK-- eat out!

DON'T DO THE LAUNDRY--except for your own!

DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME VYING FOR ATTENTION--and spend quality time with the girls! Hey, once the soccer season is over, they'll be searching for you anyway so enjoy the month of 'singleness' while it lasts!

Besides, its only for a month!

So to my fellow post grads who'd be deserting the room, thanx for leaving the room for us to do what we please.. bleh la nak nyanyi ke, nak pocho-pocho (betoi ka eja?) ke, nak buat kenduri ke.. just make sure you guys get enough sunlight so bile abis the World Cup season, takde la muke sorg² cam vampire tak penah kene matahari..

And yeah.. have fun with the matches!


Well, sincerely, I'm serious about wishing you guys to have fun during the matches. Shout all you want. Cry all you want. Call this and that player 'Stupid' with all your might. Then talk about soccer till the wee hours of the morning.. Pojie kate, "susah nak explain!" I say, "Tak yah la explain.. it's a guy thing, I know.. understand it too!" Heheh.. at least I have something to amuse myself when I watch these ball-crazy friends of mine..

And yeah, I'm also serious about the idea of a "Girls night out". Its a great time to catch up with your girlfriends (non-soccer fans only la..) WITHOUT the hassle of the husbands or boyfriends.. but yeah, its also true that it'll be a bit bored when there are no guys around to feast your eyes on..

*sigh* We just can win anyway round, could we?

Well, I think thats enough for tonight..

Oh yes, nearly forgot..

The latest score from the net

England: 1 Paraguay: 0

Yeah, I can see someone smiling now :-p

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