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Monday, June 12, 2006


Today, I wasn't not really THAT busy. Rather BUSY waiting for Dr Wan.

I had stayed up last night when a new idea formed in my head, regarding the discussion for my third objective. Kalau tak, selame ni cam kabur² je but this new idea made me excited since I'm sure it'll make things much more clearer to clarify. I was even smiling while doing the discussion.

Anyway, this morning frustrated me as I haven't got the chance to show my idea to my superviser. Ilang mane ntah dia, padahal pagi tadi ade je.. A bit disturbing as I'm now trying my best to submit my thesis by the end of this month, so I won't have to pay any fees anymore.

Just now, I went up AGAIN, only to find someone in his room. Sheesh! Am I just plain unlucky or what? So as usual, if I don't get to see him, I'll go to kak Ros's desk and have a laugh with her.

However, today since I was frustrated, I told her about it. I even showed her what I had done and as I said, I was excited about it so dalam frust² tu, my face must've been so 'animated' with excitement with what I would love to think as an accomplishment.

Then only I noticed kak Ros looking at me strangely. Ape lak yang tak kene ni? And outta nowhere, she gave me this compliment that made me.. whats the word.. surprised!

Haha, but then again, nak cover, I laughed and stopped her from saying anything else, before proceeding to change the topic. I noticed that she had an amused look on her face that I can't quite read.

Then, as I went downstairs, I remembered an entry in Soraya's blog last year. About her wish to be 'able to accept compliments graciously'. Then only I noticed, if it wasn't kak Ros, I might have offended the person who was complimenting.

I mean, most of us are like that. We dunno how to receive compliments. In fact, most of us go red in the face and quickly change the topic WITHOUT saying thank you. Sometimes, we even just stammer unaudible sounds (while trying to get outta the topic haha..) or pretend to not hear it at all. (Note to self-->)That IS bad manners, you know, especially when you cut through what the other person is saying (direct translation of 'potong cakap orang tu' haha..) and this might just hurt them.

Wouldn't it be nice, if we could just accept compliments as they come? Some people are so good at it, its like they receive compliments every minute. Me, on the other hand, acted as if I've never received compliments and like I don't appreciate what kak Ros said.. malu pulak rase kat kak Ros!

Betul cakap Soraya, accepting compliments is an ART! (To be a loyar buruk, I was never good in arts anyway..) And those who are good at it, well, I salute you! Wish the rest of us could do just the same, though..

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