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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Another one for Lil' Success

The last time I published an entry on Lil' Success's hero, I was given another name to look out for. And though I said, I'd NEVER go search for the NAME, hahah, curiosity got the better of me.

So there I was, trying my best to NOT go around searching for the given name, when the search engine was already at the tip of my fingers, just needed a click of the mouse and hey presto, "Maklumat dihujung jari!"

However, like I said, the busybody in me won this tug-of-war and before I knew it, I was typing the surname given to me. Within a few seconds, this picture was displayed at my screen.

My first reaction was: "Huik.. hensem la pulak!" Heheh..

Then my cursor quickly went through the profile, team, games history bla.. bla.. blaa.. seems like this number 13 has quite a history on the field. Patut la kate 'abang kembo' ye.. Though I don't really understand much, but the little that I do can be summarised in three words: I'm quite impressed! <--as in a I-dont-really-understand-football kinda way! I don't know what I'd feel about it if I understood, either lagi suke or tak berape suke la kot.. kan?

Anyway, before kene kutuk konon dah kene jangkit demam bola (taaaaaakk puuuuuunnn), I'd better stop. See, I dunno anything about soccer, just feasting my eyes on pleasant views haha..

Haaa.. before I forget, "Abang kembo tapi apasal tak same pun? Kalau your muke memang canni, best gak hahah..!"

And just for info, latest score

Ghana 0 Italy 2

Matches tonight (local time, exact minute start tu tatau la plak ye..)

Korea vs Togo <ade ek?> (9pm)

France vs Switzerland (12am)

Brazil vs Croatia (3am) <-- are you gonna wake up for the match, kiddo?

(Errkk, tul ke matches ni ek?)

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