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Friday, June 09, 2006

Another day..

Last night I went back home at 3.00am. Initially, I had wanted to finish up my thesis, but after the two phone calls I received last night, my mood just went right outta the window, and once again, I felt down..

Then I remembered my lil' success's email and proceeded to reply. I was so engrossed in my typing that I didn't realize nearly two hours had passed AND I had a 10 page reply for lil' success.. and THAT is with 'filteration' and deleting a lot of sentances that I'd already typed. Sheesh, ape la yang saya tulih banyak sangat ntah? Trus tak jadi nak send sbb panjang sangat. Besides, I was suddenly feeling so exhausted..

Went back home and was thinking of re-composing another email for lil' success.. one that is LESS than 10 standard microsoft word pages. After praying, I realized it was already 4am so I retired to my bed, but somehow, I couldn't sleep.. Kept tossing and turning while trying to stop certain memories from entering my mind. Even got up at 5am to eat a very lemau keropok and drink some water.

6.40 am found me getting up to pray. After praying ONLY was I starting to feel sleepy so I dozed for a while and woke up again at 8am to get ready for the day. While heating up the engine, 'You'll Think of Me' (my curent favourite song haha..) was instantly on the radio.. bleh la berfikir² skit di pagi hari.. :-(

Dapat message from my not-yet-17-year-old sis that said,"Ti x tau cmne nk reply msg ni. Ti tau kak Yong cedih.. Ye ar, dia kawen ngn owg len, sure kak yong frust. Rilex ar.. Dia dah kawen so npk sgt dia bkn da best utk kak Yong. Ada la tu.. Mayb kak Yong x jmp lg, mayb gak kak Yong dh knal tp kak Yong x tau dia soulmate kak Yong. Haa... pk tol2 =p".. ok, the first part made me feel so loved by my sister BUT the final part left me a bit annoyed as I think I have an idea on whom she's talking about. Thats what you get when you have a sister who tags along when you meet your friends and is busybody enough to listen to your friends teasing you.. ampeh Ti!

Arriving at the school, Ramlah came up with the nasik kerabu and we waited for Manje to come down before going to the cafe for our breakfast. Yummy, the nasik kerabu was quite nice though a bit hot for my lidah orang putih hahah..

Then at 9.30am I went to send Nasrin to the bus station before proceeding to Bagan Serai for my tuition pay. Whoopee, I got a more than a satisfactory sum this month, though a bit less than last month.. but living in Parit Buntar, its more than enough (except when you consider my movie-going habits and monthly book theraphy).

Then I went to pay my phone bill (RM 160? Biar betul.. ), my personal insurance (RM 110 for two months), bayo duit kut (RM 100) and the house rent of RM 150.. alamak! Adi, I terlupe la nak bayo utang RM 30 tu hehe.. nanti² I pegi bank balik, ok.. sorry²!

And now here I am, waiting for Dgon coz she wanted to take me somewhere, rahsie katenye.. I haven't even peeked at my thesis, and am extremely envious at Erwan while watching him printing out his thesis.. tak leh jadik ni!!!

Ok la.. Dgon pun dah sampai.. gtg!

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