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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Another horoscope

Was browsing my Yahoo page today and came across today's horoscope

Thinking ahead can be daunting. There's no such thing as a crystal ball, and sometimes when you plan too narrowly, you end up making dangerous assumptions. To avoid the pitfalls of forecasting your life, don't get too tied up in timeframes. Just think about what you want in your life and go about getting it. Recent bad habits are preventing you from expecting the best of yourself, so add more discipline to your life and say 'no' more often. Perfection isn't the goal -- happiness is.

My mouth hung open for a while haha..

Gosh, for a while, I've been thinking of my *blank* future.. and I'm getting the shivers in NOT seeing anything at all! I mean, I'm 26 but I still don't see anything in store for me in the future. I don't have to look at '5 years time'.. just '2 weeks time' makes me shudder! And, yeah, sometimes I wish there WAS a crystal ball for me, but hey, that'll take the fun outta everything, right? Beside, everything would be sooo dull if I knew it beforhand, huh?

And whee-hey! How'd they know the part about me not expecting the best outta myself?

Haha.. anyway, its just a horoscope. Just wanted to put something in this blog as I feel I've been neglecting it since I discovered Yahoo 360 hehe..

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