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Sunday, June 11, 2006

This is for my lil' success a.k.a kambing sakti

Ivory Coast: 1 Argentina: 2

Nope, I didn't get those results from my 'usual channel'.. rather from an ardent soccer fan who 'presented' me with the results around 10am, this morning.

I was meaning to wake up early this morning and go to school to do some work before going to Nuar's kenduri. However, after Subuh prayers, I returned back to the settee (my 'bed' nowadays) and continued my slumber. Didn't really dream anything, and I'd say that it was one of the most peaceful sleep I've had for ages.

Lets just say, after coming back from school early this morning, I felt like reading another book I just bought on my spur-of-the-moment trip to Megamall. It was only at 5am DID I finally force myself to sleep, just in case I wake up late again (been doing that a lot lately).

Around 8am, I heard Elie bustling around doing her laundry and outta embarassment for acting as if I don't have my own bedroom, I quickly bundled up all my pillows and lied down on the floor of my own room. Half awake (or half asleep), I noticed a message in my phone but didn't feel like reading it as I know I won't reply it instantly. Besides, the sound of an incoming message is giving me the shivers nowadays :(

Anyway, when I finally read the message, I was pleasantly surprised (AND relieved) to find an sms from my Lil' success who was 'reporting' the results of the latest game. Hahah.. I didn't stick around for the game (I don't watch it, remember!) but I still got the results huh.. thanx to my very own sportscaster.. orang len mane de sportscaster sendirik :p Lil' success was also happy that one of Lil' success's heroes (I think la coz the name is always 'with' Lil' success) scored a goal!

Still amused on Lil' succcess's sms, I remembered that a few days ago, in the hustle and bustle of the World Cup, I finally used the search engine to find out about this hero of Lil' success and, hey, the info I got was not really bad. Plus, the guy's a cutie pie! With a dimple.. ;-)

Hummmpphhh.. I can hear my cousin, Nyah Zai a.k.a Jai (tengah cube nak tuko ni..) gloating coz I've proven his teory of 'girls only looking around for the cuties, without taking into consideration (cam ayat thesis hehe..) the team OR the talent'.. Eleh, abih tu, ape lagi la yang menarik kat bola tuuu :-p~

Still, according to Lil' success, this guy scored a goal, ape! So, there IS some talent there.. great package la tu :-p

So, anyway.. to my Lil' success.. 'Rabbit' and 'Kambing' leh kawan la kot nooo.. AND, akak tatau nak paste gambo pe, so paste yang nampak perut skit hehe..

To those who read my 360 blog.. YES! This is a translation of the entry I've pasted there sebab siang tadi blogspot cam problem je nak publish, sib baik la bleh save as draft, tp terlewat la publish ni :-(

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