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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Wedding bells part 2

Now what's with everyone? Why the sudden matrimonial rush to the pejabat kadi? Am I the only one not involved in this crowd who've suddenly created a Wedding/Engagement Festival or something?

A few days ago, I thought I'd get over the wedding blues in a jiffy. But then, suddenly I received a wedding invitation from an old friend, who's younger than me at Iwan's age. Eszereen, the girl who once used to call me everyday with when she had this crush on my brother. I mean, what? Even she's getting married. And I still think of her as a school kid.

Then, after having a chat with Milin, I got to know that Piko was having (at that time kire 'was' la, now kire 'already had') his akad nikah at Kelantan. At that precise moment, I also suddenly remembered Aziah's (alMashoor) wedding which I totally forgot to attend so now I'm going to have to make it up.. but when? Hmm..

Two days ago, Amoi (alMashoor) smsed me telling me she just had her engagement ceremony and she reminded me that her kenduri will be in November/December so she didn't want any excuse from me for not going. I told her, if I don't have a partner by then, I won't be going haha.. and she told me that Shikin (alMashoor) also had her engagement on the same day so I quickly smsed Shikin to congratulate her.

Just now, I received an sms form Nemie (my ex-dormate in alMashoor)asking for my address to send her wedding invitation. Talk about spooky.. now all my AlMashoor friends are getting hitched!

And did I tell you about how I went out with Ramlah, Salam and Hamid (Salam's housemate) to help Salam find a 'tudung' for Lini. His brother, Dr Ismail, asked him to find a 'tudung' for his 'merisik'. Tsk.. tsk.. that 'budak kecik' is more fussy than us girls when finding a 'tudung'.

By the way, I also just got to know that Huda is now 2 months pregnant. I'll congratulate her once I get out of this self pity feeling haha..

God.. now I REALLY DO feel left out!

On Friday will be Sid's akad nikah and on Saturday I'll be joining Yati (now, Mrs Yati) and kak Wahid for Sid's wedding reception. Guess we'll have a good time meeting old friends AND trying to get the bride and bridegrooms 'berkat', huh?

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