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Monday, May 23, 2005

"Kemas rumah"

I spent a good part of yesterday and the day before, clearing up my room. InsyaAllah, by Thursday or Friday, my housemates and I would be settled into our new rented house, still in the same housing area but nearer to the surau and Taman Pekaka.

Wow, I never thought I had sooooo much things. Just my books only, took up 5 boxes, and THAT is excluding my Readers Digest Collection as well as my tuition books. Luckily, some of my books are scattered in my car, in my cubicle at the post-grad room as well as in my HiTEG room upstairs, not to mention the ones that are still in the hands of my friends who have borrowed my books. At least, that lessens the luggage I have to take to and fro this Thursday.

Suprisingly, my baju kurungs took up more than half of my gigantic bag. Hey, it really is gigantic, I can fit in the bag as well as someone else and we'd still have room to kick each other if we're bothering one another! That includes the baju kurungs I can't wear, following the weight gain I had last year, but still in my keep since I still dream of losing my excess weight. So for my clothes only, I have a gigantic bag full of baju kurungs, long sleeved t-shirts, tudungs, bed sheets and pillow cases, towels bla.. bla.. I also have another normal sized bag full with my blouses and nighties AND a backsack stuffed with all my jeans and pants. I've had a bag ready for all the clothes I've put aside for this week too. And to think that I always wonder where have all my clothes gone to. The real question is, where have all my clothes THAT FIT gone to haha.. By the way, all the moving out tension has made me lose a feww pounds and THATS making me smile all day long eventhough I'm really sick off packing up now! Hope whats got off, stays off!

So.. books, check.. clothes, check.. toiletries, check on Thursday.. what else? Hey, what are all those thingeys doing outside of A box?

I'm known to collect cute thingeys everywhere and that has prompt my peers to buy these things for me on special occasions eg konvo, birthdays. These cute flower vases, all kinds and sizes of candles, greeting tiles, bookmarks, keychains, coin boxes (full to brim, mind you!), cute boxes, tiny jars of colourful plastic food, pewter case, cute mini teddies, coin purses, potpourri pots, arometherapy sets and bla.. bla.. All these things have filled up yet another box and I had to be careful so the vases won't break during the move.

Then there's my bags. Now, I've never really been a fan for handbags or anything but I never thought I had a lot. The real one I have is a one I bought on sale and because of its practicality where it doesn't have the complicated buttons or straps. BUT, I have one sling bag that Izati bought for me for my birthday a couple of years ago. Then there's one I bought for raya since Mama kept telling me I'm not a lady enough. There's one I bought when going out with kak Wahid, Awa and Cik Wa. The reason I bought it was because my 'real one' was having a case of old age diesease where its inside lining was falling apart but I just used it for a while I think. I still prefered my fallen apart bag. Another one is a bag someone bought for me in my first year (I don't remember who) coz I kept holding my purse whenever we went out and my friend was afraid I might leave my purse somewhere so she bought the bag for me. How about the cute bags (one sling bad, and another one a purse) my housemates and kak Zura, kak Zai and kak Yun bought for me on my birthday. I love the bag, very practical for me when I'm in my study mode since its large enough for my 'Gingerbreadman Pencil box' and one book but not too large to look ridiculous. It has this embroided Teddy in front of it and the only reason I don't use it much is because I'm afraid it'll get dirty. Then there's this bag I bought in Melaka for its size, thinking I could put my telekung in it whenever I'm going out. Gosh, all those bags and more ALL fit in another box!

Liana came to my house and laughed out loud looking at all the things I've packed, and that isn't even HALF of it.. God, heeeeeeeelllllpppp me! The first night I had to spend mopping the house while sneaking peeks at Star Wars II which was on NTV7. Gebu has been up to her tricks and mopping up the house was the only option I had left. Good thing there was Liana, or I'd grow bored all alone.

The next day (yesterday) I suddenly realized that our pots and pans were some of the things that needed packing. Since the last time we really cooked (last week's cooking for kak Yun doesn't count since we didn't eat at home but instead took the food to the hospital and ate there with her) was in bulan puasa, the dishes were in the worst condition with inches of dust accumulating around them. To make matters worse, the dishwashing liquid was up to its last drop. Anyway, finally, all those plates and cups were washed, dried and arranged in a box with a "FRAGILE" warning on top.. just in case!

My next step was my other things. My tuition things took up a whole large box. What with its books (referance books, exercise books), graph papers, A4 papers, foolscap papers, notes and past year questions. Berat loooo.. And now I remember that I've forgotten my globe which I use for 'Bumi sebagai sfera' chapter!

Then I tackled my desk. I had so many things on my desk that was supposed to make it more organized (cute drawer sets, pencil holders, cute miniature magazine rack where I put my cards, plastic shelves where my puncher, stapler, tapes and bla.. bla.. resides) but when you want to pack things up, you realized, though organized, it takes a lot of space in your box. That's only the things on my desk, how about IN them? My three drawers were also full with odds and ends. Recipe cards, old raya cards, pen refills, unused erasers, account books, cute stationery, rubber balls Jida gave me to bounce as hard as I want to whenever I want to scream hehe.. keychains, bookmarks I planned to give people but never got to it, letter opener I got for presenting in the AWAM 2004 and bla.. bla.. Now all these didn't fill up a box, instead it filled up two boxes.. duh!

By then, my eyes were crossed and I kept sneezing because of the dust that suddenly seem to have 'beranak' in my room. Lucky me, with resdung and all, I lost all sense of smell then!

Another two boxes were filled with things I bought for personal use. Now, as a student with a budget, I'm sure everyone has done what I'm doing. For example, buying a 3-pack of 30 sanitary pads since it was cheaper than the usual prize, though it'll look funny seeing you buy so much as if you're having an unusual period. I'm sure that rings a bell with you! I've always become victim to these bulks. I mean, a pack of two jumbo Johnsons baby talcum, a pack of 80 panty liners, a pack of 3 cotton pads, a pack of 4 cotton buds, 2 packs of 6 tissue boxes, a pack of 3 toothpastes, a pack of 3 travelling Clinique facial soap and the list goes on. So all these extras also go in boxes! And they take soooo much space that I wonder what I was thinking when I bought these things.

Whew.. can I rest now? Nooooooooo.. there's still so much to pack and I'm already exhausted. Arranging the packed boxes in the living room of my current home, I am suddenly struck by the huge amount of my things. When kak Kt returned home, she laughed after getting over her shock at how much things I had hidden in that room. Hey, I shocked myself, anyway!

Now, until Thursday, my room will resemble a store room, with boxes of all colours arranged around the room. Luckily, I've always loved these boxes and always bought them so at least my eyes aren't sore looking at the usual brown coloured boxes that would really turn my room into a store room. I have a rainbow coloured room for the time being and I am bent to enjoy them instead of detesting them with the thought of having to unpack again when we move.

Well, time for a nap.. oppss, nope! Time to do my work, lest Dr Wan wants to see them tomorrow. Till I'm free enough to update this blog (maybe until after I've settled down) cheerio

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