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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Viridian Room

Here I am..

Initially I came to finish up my work BUT I made the mistake to open the Viridian Room. So, bubye work and hello crazy game!

Now, I'm back in this puzzling game. Yesterday, I told you guys that I was still in the midst of it. After that blog entry, I finished collecting all the collectibles in the room and also managed to solve the mystery of the numbers AND the dice.. phew! Smiling triumphantly, I was sure I had cracked the puzzle, already imagining my name to be among the escapees of the room. Thought I'd be able to get outta the room by then, but imagine how frustrating it was to be told "There's still one thing missing"


This game is driving me nuts! I spent some time before sleeping trying my best what else have I missed. I mean, helloo, I've got all the available items there are in the room. Even had to wirte my own version of Chinese calligraphy to solve the dice puzzle but still "these aren't complete yet". I'm going crazy just sitting in front of the pc.

The worst thing is, I started the game around 10.00am yesterday and until AFTER office hours at 5.05pm, I still couldn't get out of the room. Me and Nomi spent a whole lot of time trying to figure it out, not to mention that it made me neglect the work I wanted to do! Then, since I had tuition at 5.15 and Nomi wanted to go home, we had to close the game. What I meant by worse is: to continue the game the next time, you have to start right at the beginning. Duh!

I wouldn't have minded it much really, I mean, I now know where all the items are hidden but what drives me bananas is the wastepaper basket that refuses to budge until you're 2-3 hours into the game, when it would suddenly topple down easily enough, you can't believe you weren't able to move it earlier. I've learned that it'll take its own sweet time, you don't have to imagine the tiniest pixel and try to click at the right spot, coz it doesn't work that way. Hey, take it from me, how stupid I feel trying my best to click every single dot that made up the image of the dustbin. When it wants to be found, it would move easily and it'll make you really fuming to see how easily it is to move after that. Another thing is the tiny piece of paper hidden at the lamp which won't show itself until it thinks we're ready to burst with impatience.

Right now, my patience is being tested by the damn dustbin! I hate the dustbin. Not only me, but Ramlah and Nomi also have the same problem with it. The creator of this game really meant to test our patience, huh!

I just read the list of escapees for this room. Some took days like me, but quite a number managed to escape in a couple of hours. Ooowwhh, how stupid I feel now! Can't I match up to them? I mean, never thought myself stupid but now... U-huh, this game seems to have a psychological effect on me now. I'm not stupid! I'm not stupid! Haha.. better complete this game quickly, not only for me, but also for the sake of my masters degree which I plan to finish in 6 months time!

Well, back to the game.. I want out, right now!!!

For those trying the game for the first time.. you have been warned!

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