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Monday, May 09, 2005

I'm a winner!! *smug look*

At precisely 10.19 this morning, I, Nurikhwani Idayu bt Zainal Abidin, has managed to be one of the escapees of the Viridian Room and I now have my name proudly displayed among the others.

Wheww.. so tiring la this game but worth it haha..

I almost couldn't believe it. I mean, if you've read my previous posts, you'd see that I've told you how I'd already collected all the items in the room. I even solved the number puzzle and the dice brain-teaser BUT still I couldn't get out.. how frustrsting that was. I got stuck two times with everything ready but "These are still not complete"

Then suddenly this morning, Nomi gave me a hint she heard so I tried and walaaaaa! I succeeded!! Though..

Of all things, the one I missed was just this teeny-weeny thing. No wonder all the winners asked us to pay attention to the diary. I thought the diary was just for the number puzzle..

And.. how hilarious the ending was.. nope! I won't tell you, but lets just say that the person involved is very 'mengada²' hahah.. I laughed out loud watching the ending with Nomi and Ramlah.

I've started on the third room, The Blue Chamber but it doesn't seem as interesting. The room is way smaller and doesn't seem to have much in it. I'm not as excited with it as the previous rooms. However, I await the release of the Pink Prison and Tangerine Room. Hmmm.. Hope it'll be more interesting!


normy said...

muahahahhahaa..bila nk mencabar blue chamber plak?tak sabar nk tgk kak ayu pening lagi...

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Haha.. skrg tgh mode insaf, study skit hehe.. tunggu la sampai dah boring study nnt.. :-p