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Friday, May 20, 2005

Star Wars III - Revenge of the Sith.. and our revenge??

Yesterday, me, my housemate kak Shima along with kak Zura and kak Zai went to Megamall with the sole purpose of watching the newly released Star Wars III. It was kak Shima's treat, since
1. She has finally submitted her thesis (Congratulations, kak Shima)
2. She been talking about Star Wars non-stop since the past two weeks

Kak Shima had already booked the tickets yesterday afternoon so after maghrib, all of us trooped to Megamall, first to get our tickets and then to grab a bite at McDonalds (the most logical choice since there are only two fastfood outlets at Megamall, and the other one is KFC, which is also the ONLY choice of fastfood in Parit Buntar). Kak Zura and kak Zai went to order our food while I went with kak Shima to the ticket booth. She must have 'senyum sampai ke telinga' when the adik at the booth handed our tickets.

Throughout the dinner, kak Shima kept talking about the movie, clearly, she was the one most excited about it. 5 minutes to 9.15pm (the time of the movie), kak Shima took out her purse to take out the tickets and SUPRISE! The tickets weren't with her. We thought this was a practical joke of her,just to get us worked up since we didn't show as much enthusiasm as she did, but one look at her worried face, confirmed that she wasn't lying.

Trying our best to calm her down, we helped to search for it but with no avail. I suggested we retraced our steps to the ticket booth up at the 5th floor from McDonalds at the very bottom floor. Alas, no tickets lying around were in sight. What crossed our minds was that someone must have found it and since it was a Star Wars movie, he/she must have used it. This thought must show how little faith I have in the human race, but, c'mon la, as if all of you won't think the same thing too.

Trying to be positive, we marched up to the adik who earlier gave us our tickets and told her our story, in hoping that the person who found our tickets had returned it to the counter, but realistically, JGN HARAP LAAAA.. Luckily, she remembered us (sapa tak leh lupa, kalau suara memasing cam speaker masjid hehe..) but since we didn't remember which theatre we were supposed to be in (our luck, they had two theatres with the same movie) she couldn't really help us but she asked us to go to the 'apek koyak ticket'. Now, usually, this apek is very strict. He'd even sometimes check our bags, just to make sure we don't have any hidden cameras or outside food. But last night, maybe because of the panicked face all of us wore, he asked one of the asistants to help us (who turned out to be a group of assistants hehe.. mesti sbb semua perempuan, tu yg berebut nak tolong tu..)

The only thing me and kak Shima remembered was that our seats were numbered 16,17, 18 and 19 but we couldn't, for the life of us, remember which row (but I'm positive it was either C or D, even kak Shima agreed coz I remembered THAT when we were choosing which seats we wanted) or which theatre. But since only theatre 4 had seats up to 19, it was our only logical choice. Stumbling into the already dark room, with the group of assistants in tow (haha, really appreciate la.. siap nak call sape ntah pasal ticket kitorg yang hilang.. then tolong carikan seat yg kosong la, and calming us down) we found our seats, hey I remember la either C or D, were already taken. Me and kak Shima stood there and saw that in the D row, a family of 6 were sitting there while in the C row, a group of guys and a girl were sitting there. I purposely (haha, I can be really 'teruk' when I want to) said out loud, "Kak Shima, rasanya seat kite kat sini la" and I was not suprised when the four of them, like robots, looked the opposite way abruptly, at the same time.. haaaa, gotcha!!!

But like I said, the assistants were sweet dolls. They found us some seats, though waaaaayy in front and apologized to us, making us relax instantly. It wasn't even their fault. See, somehow, my faith in the human race, was restored, though only a bit, by their good gestures!

Haha, anyway, we only relxed for a while. See, since we were sitting on the second or thrid row from the front, we were hit with full force by the special effects of the movie. I felt giddy just sitting there watching the first scene were the was a fight in space when Anakin and Obi-Wan went to save the Chancellor. It was as if I was in there with them. I thought I was the only one until I heard kak Zura and kak Zai giggling about feeling dizzy and all that. THAT started to make us feel mad again at those ticket thieves. But as the story enfolded, the pace started to slow down and were were finally into the movie, relaxing, laughing and crying at the right scenes.

All in all, it was a sad story, especially the part when Padme told Anakin that he was breaking her heart by turning to the dark side, and when Obi-Wan got upset and told Anakin how he loved Anakin like his own brother. Also in the parting of the twins as well as when both Padme and Anakin were 'hospitalized' (nope.. wrong word here!!) at the same time, but on different sides of the force and how touched you feel when you hear their first question once they gain consciousness. But the effects were great, though, its expected since its the new milleneum la, guys! Kalau tak, how could I feel so dizzy watching all that at the third row.. pening giler! Hehe.. The fighting scenes pun quite good, kak Shima voiced out her amazement (which I only thought to myself la hehe.. perasan jugak ek kak Shima part tu tp, best kan?)about how Obi-Wan was already in the fighting position eventhough he had just jumped out of his just-landed shuttle. You could also see the sequence in the character of Anakin which slowly turned to the dark side. There's betrayal, anger, sadness all rolled in one!

Anyway, sambung citer ticket hehe, at the end of the movie, kak Zura and kak Zai rushed up to see the people who were sitting in our seats. That group was unlucky enough to be held up by the traffic of people going out of the cinema so we had a good look at them and then, kak Shima, kak Zai and kak Zura talked out loudly that I had to stop myself from laughing

"Best tak tengok citer tu.. mesti best kan, ticket free"

"Ticket kutip la.."

"Takde manners langsung, tak pulangkan pun kan.."

"Sapa la yg amik ticket kite ni? Bleh duduk tgk plak tu"

"Takpe, nnt jumpa kat 'dacing' nnt"

"Best la kaaan, dpt ticket free la katakan.."

"Apasal la tak tinggalkan kat counter" <-- My half a cent worth

"Tu la, best sgt ke tgk cite ticket free, macam la kaunter tak dak"

"Macam la ticket tu tak dak tuan"

"Mmg nnt jumpa kat 'dacing' la nnt, jawab la masa tu.."

Hehe.. The group that those words were dedicated to, didn't even look back at us, when logically, if you have a group of 'speaker masjids' talking like that, of course la you'd look at them, paling kurang just a glance, at least just to think, "Gila ka apa ka depa ni?" They just held their head up high, a bit stiffly la haha, and walked straight in front, never once glancing back. Only the girl, hid her face with her right hand (she was walking beside us at our left side) and had the conscience of looking guilty.

Haha.. quite childish, maybe, but SAPA TAK MARAH! Mentang² la citer tu semua orang nak tengok.. Thats why I said in my earlier blog, some Malaysian are just sooooo %^$#@*.. but not all, thanks to the cinema staff! We laughed at ourselves all the way back to Parit Buntar. Well, sometimes, the child in us just wants to go and help the helpless adult we sometimes become, right.. lgpun, bukan selalu haha..

Anyway, thanks to kak Shima for the treat and good luck for your viva nanti.. I enjoyed yesterdays outing, even with the lost ticket and all! Helped me to forget that yesterday was exactly two years to the dot since I first had THE one and only fight with my invisible bestfriend, that lead to our broken friendship today :'( I do miss him, though. It's been a long time since I last talked of him to you even if I do think of him now and then, especially in the recent days..

For my borther, Adi.. Eleeeh, id tu dah la kenoby7, but if you haven't watched Star Wars III yet, tak guna gak hehe.. <-- This is my brother who's an ardent fan of the force, thats why his id is taken from Master Obi-Wan. I, myself, am not a real fan though I watch it just for the fun of it. The closest thing I did for Star Wars was to buy the 3-in-1 Star Wars book set (Episodes 4,5 and 6 je la masa tu) for my brother Ikram on his birthday a couple of years ago.

And for the rest of you out there, including the ticket nabbers haha.. May the force be with you!!

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