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Friday, May 06, 2005

A sudden craze befalling room 3.27

Hah! I've always loved playing online games but only the simple ones such as the ones on or In fact, the whole office has been frequent visitors to these sites. Like me, I'm mostly addicted to Zuma, Dynomite, Text Twist, What Word and so on and so forth. I could play for hours and neglect my growing work load.

However, a new craze has suddenly infected my room here. Thank God, the other rooms have not yet been afflicted with this diesease hehe.. though, Ramlah who's room is at the end of the corridor has also been caught up in this whirlwind of a game.

It was first introduced to us by my colleague, Nomi. She forwarded an unfamiliar URL to my YM and when I turned to asked her what is was, I instantly saw what she was doing. At first I wasn't really interested. I mean, it just looked like a normal interactive program, duuuuh! But then, a few minutes later made my curiosity go up to its peak when I saw the frustrated look on Nomi's face while she tried the game so I tried to open the URL.

I didn't get hooked instantly but I was suddenly jolted into this cyber world of mind boggling puzzles. The game starts with a narration from the supposed captive of the Crimson Room. A bit boring though until you enter the room. It looks like a simple room but in nearly every nook and cranny is hidden certain clues or items that would help you escape from the room. What baffles you most is the lack of hints you get from your first impression of the room. Just a simple room, with a bed and chest of drawers with a hi-fi stereo on top. But once you get engrossed in the game, you'll see what makes it interesting.

You really have to use your head and imagination, though not really too much. And patience is another virtue. My friend who started playing yesterday kept pestering me for the final answer tsk.. tsk.. that just made me more obstinate NOT to help him. In his impatience, he overlooked logical matters. Ironically, he's an engineer!

Anyway, I managed to get out of the room but it took me nearly a day.. and that is with help from Nomi. Without hints, I might take a little bit later to get out.

Right now, I'm at the second stage of the game --> The Viridian Room. I'll paste the URL below

Now, this is certainly more challenging. While the Crimson Room took only a day, this room has made me lose sleep for 2 days and I still haven't figured out HOW to escape this room. It's basically a continuity of the Crimson room where you find out, you haven't really escaped at all. I've collected all the items in this room but still can't figure it out and it really is frustrating.. huh!

Well, wish me luck, you guys! I might emerge a winner today.. till then cheerio!

You should try it out if you're the type who loves to tease your mind

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