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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Some Malaysians are soooo *%^&#

I just came back from Sid and Anuar's wedding reception. A delightful affair, more like a reunion ground for friends from my batch. Everyone has soooo much changed.. but I know what they'd say about me,"Ayu dah bulat laaa" hehe..

Had a fun time with kak Wahid this morning, when we went gift hunting.. soooo last minute punya perangai la hehe. Good thing there were many shops to choose from if you happen to be at the KOMTAR/Prangin Mall area. I mean, hey, I practically grew up there so lets say, that gives you the privelleage to know your way around those buildings. We got a something-like-pewter photo frame for Sid and Anuar, strictly for their most eye-catching wedding photo and I bought a set of embroided towels for them, from Kak Maria, Ogy and Bob. Wanna know the name of the set? --> Lake of Romance!

Anyway, thats no really my point for this entry. What I wanted to say was about what happened this maghrib.

As usual, on Sundays, my housemate and I would head to the pasar malam at Taman Pekaka for our weekly dose of pasar malam goodies. I got my favourite roasted chicken wings, bihun soup and soy milk while kak Shima.. hmmm, what did she buy huh?

Anyway, from home, kak Shima has been asking us to remind her to buy nescafe drinks. She wanted to stay up for the final touches of her thesis so after we had our fill at the pasar malam, we headed to Muaz to buy her canned Nescafe. While me and kak Zura were waiting for kak Shima, we drank the drinks we bought and since I had finished my drink, I looked around for a dustbin to throw away my plastic cup.

Luckily, here, all the shops have this big black bin outside for rubbish. Some use the big green one with wheels provided by the Municipal Council. So, like I always do, I headed to the nearest black bin, that was already half full of rubbish and threw my plastic cup away. Upon turning back, I heard someone shout,"Oiiiiiiiiiiiiii.. oiiiiiiii". Turning around, I saw the owner of this shop (a scowling woman who thinks she sooooo pretty wearing clothes meant for the younger generation --> I'd never say this before, but now I'm mad.. and that is the truth, you should know!)

She said something unaudible but pointed her finger to my face and the dustbin. I didn't quite understand what she was saying, what with her mouth full of food, but I guess she didn't let me throw rubbish in her bin. Guiltily, I smiled a her a said sorry before retriving the cup and throwing it at another bin, a bit humiliated though coz people were looking at us and it was like such a big deal. But what made me mad was, as I headed to the car, she almost shouted, "Lu olang ingat kita mau kutip lu olang punya sampah ka.. lu olang buang sendili la.. lu tatau apa² ka? Bodo punya olang.."

I was like, "Huh! What did I do wrong here?" I threw my rubbish in a rubbish bin, NOT around her shop anyway and I guess that says more than the fact that here shop is littered with HER OWN rubbish. Posters of goods, promotional cards were all over the place. How come, my small cup could litter her place?

She continued her 'shouting' and kept showing me her fist until I went in the car. Still, she made faces at us in the car. Really, I just wanted to asked her, wasn't it the council's job to get the rubbish? I mean, the garbage man has never failed to retrieve our trash on time, and they've never told us to send our trash to the waste dump. She talked as if she had to send the rubbish to Pulau Burung every morning.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.. so *&^#% la! I said sorry la, mangkuk (This is the first time I'm using this word, though for the life of me, I couldn't understand why a 'bowl' is used to insult people). Besides, its not as if I burnt your shop down, though for a while, I wanted to ram my cup right down your throat. C'mon la, its just a stupid plastic cup!

Some people really have to learn communication skills here. For me, I'm not setting a foot in that shop any more.. enough said!


Bai_Lunar said...

Waaaa!!marahnya dia...suka la tengok awak marah....hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Kalau saya jadi awak .. saya akan jatuhkan tong sampah dia tuh biar abis kotorkan kawasan kedai dia..hehehehe..padan muka.
** revenge is sweet**

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Haha.. ikut kan hati, nak je buat camtu.. tp bila teringat umor dah 25, malu la I kalau buat camtu haha..