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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mabuk karipaf la sy pasni.. =p~

Being still not quite right in the head yet, I was ready to stay in bed this morning. I would have done so if I didn't have this sudden need for currypuffs..

Huik.. bleh ade sudden need utk karipaf ke? Hahah..

Ok la, the 'sudden need' was yesterday actually so I had bought all the things to make them. It was the WANT of making them that had forced me outta bed..

Hmm.. actually, I have a 'story' about currypuffs I once wrote about here.. haha, cerite di waktu sy jatuh chenta kali pertama dolu yg cam tah pape je Ayu ni kaaaannn.. =p

Anyway, berbalik pade mase skrg ☺

I was fasting so the taste was a challenge la kot kan (mcm la klau tak pose bleh jadik sedap karipaf sy kaaaannnn!).. jap rase garam sikit, jap rase bnyk.. last² redha je.

Since I didn't remember how I had actually done it dulu (Ye, aside form the first time I did it as in the above link, this is the first time I've made it since. Thus, making it the 2nd time I've done them myself, unsupervised. Bleh ka dah umo 31 16 tp baru 2 kali buat sendiri?!?!), I just bantai je the recipe for the filling. One pack of minced beef, 7 small potatoes, 3 onions and a packet of curry powder.. garam se'taktau' rase hehe..

Errr, nampak rupe cam jadik kan?

Next was the pastry. At first, mau tunjuk pandai nye pasal, I did one using my instinct (pbffttttttt!) Just trial mix je pun (Ecehhh.. cam trial mix for concrete lah pulakkk). I tried using the tip someone gave me on using melted shortening for a crispier pastry. Managed to get around 12 kot kat sini but somehow, the other half of my instinct mcm tak suke je this way of making the pastry.. boley?

So the next one I did like dolu jugak lahhh.. and terase sedikit kagum ngan diri sendiri sbb ala² ingt jugak la how to make the pastry wpun dah bertahun tak buat.. boley? Mcm bongok je Ayu ni hahahaha..


Kunun workspace la.. work in progress lah sgt kaaaannnn..

The first trial of my currypuffs looked like this.

Huuuu.. sgt tebal sy punye kelim tu kan? Adessshhhhhh.. nmpk sgt out of practice kaannn!

Anyway, sib baik I only used half a kg of flour as opposed to 1kg Mama suggested. Mama told me my filling cam bnyk sgt je I made. But somehow the prospect of kneading 1kg of flour sgt tak menarik so I only made half.. sekali, filling tak cukup!


I think I did something wrong sini kot.. just can't put my finger on what is it I did wrong coz as I remember, when we were smaller, we used to make pastry with 1kg flour jugak la when we used 1 pack of minced meat.. Hmm, ape la salah sy buat eh?

Anyway, since the was still around one-third pastry left, I knew I couldn't just throw it away lah kan. Tp sgt la malas wanna go out but some minced meat lagi.. mau pulak today is the pasar malam so confirm la lagi malas wanna go out bersesak² like that kan.

Last², I godek² the freezer to survey my options and settled with some crab sausages and prawns. Tp sbb mcm sikit, I added some chopped mushrooms and potatoes. Masak all of it with some chilli and oyster sauce je sbb takde bende len bleh ku buat masak nye..

..and jugak tambah some slices of cheese in each currypuff.. boley? Pasan wat calzone kah Ayu ni, siap cheese bagai heheh.. ☻

In the end, though I didn't get 100 pieces as Mama predicted, I got jugak la dlm 6 full containers yg cenggini..

Huuu.. nangis nak perabis!

Ade yg 10 hari dok minum petang with currypuffs ni..

And the sad truth is, niat asal making it was for iftar today, tp tak sempat pun nak goreng for iftar.. huwaaaaaaaa~~~

(Tp makan bende bes jugak la for iftar hehe.. something simple but filling!)

Anyway, pictures of the fried currypuffs tadek la ye.. coz all of it is already stored in the fridge and freezer since my iftar meal was quite filling so like buang mase la kan goreng, kang tak makan pulak.. so can't really give my own verdict of my 2nd-time-make-currypuffs-alone.

While making the currypuffs, I heard the song Sugar² by the Archies and tanpe berfiir panjang I took the rolling pin and made it into a makeshift microphone while nyanyi² keliling dapur dgn semangat. Bile lagu dah abis, tetibe rase bersalah for being happy over a song coz I'm supposed to be sad kan skrg?!?!?


Kay.Z.-M. said...

Amboi..kasaq2nya kelim..kelim dgn kaki ka? hahahaha

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Oitttt.. ampeh je budak Kay ni.. hahah, kan akak dah ngaku sesiap tu, out of practice.. tp seb bek la tak tebal sampai ilang rase inti karipap kaaaannn =p