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Sunday, July 03, 2011

FB Ayu M.I.A?!?!


Dear Friends who've been concerned..

You won't know how it made me feel when you guys asked why I was missing from FB.. and I thought no one would notice! Not la that it was a flag for attention pun kan.. dah deactivate FB, mau attention mcm mana, right? But you guys made me feel that you cared, and I really appreciate that right now..

And for those who've asked, yes, I will activate my FB again one day (which I hope would be in the very near future since I DO feel that sometimes this is the only place I get to know about updates from you guys, especially the ones far away from me)

Its just that I'm in a sorta rough patch right now. I need to sort out a few things and sort out my feelings too. I've always thought of myself as a secretive person (klau tak, idak le cume kwn² je yg tau pasal my blog ni wpun dah bertahun I've been writing in this) but with FB, I realize that I tend to share almost everything.

From boring and mundane things like when I'm stuck in the traffic jam (and suprised that I could experience it HERE in Pt Buntar) to the times I win stuff on the radio/online to the times of my encounter with the horrific Mr K haha.. to things that happen in my classes and the list goes on.

I just don't think I'm ready to be defeated by my impulse to share everything (sometimes without even realizing it) especially in time like these. Tau la kaaaan, nak update status or gambo in FB bkn susah sgt pun. Don't hafta go online pun, its just an sms/MMS away je punnnn.. tu yg kadang² tidak berape sedar sgt what I share on my wall..

Hahah.. boley gitu?!?

Thats why, for a while, I'm going in hiding.. not because I hate you guys. I love you guys especially for making me feel that someone (or a bunch of someoneS like the whole lot of you~♥) would go search for me if I ever get lost one day <--Okay, sgt DRAMA!

I'd only planned on going away for a week, but my emotions the other day were still quite jumbled up so I decided to take a longer 'vacation' for a while, so yeah.. least for a while!

But still, to all of you've who've cared enough to ask (you know who you are though most of you don't even know my blog), thanx for making me feel not totally worthless as I had initially felt at the beginning of my 'vacation'. You guys are the best and may Allah grant you happiness a thousand time over as what you have made me feel.

I love you guys! ~ ♥


With love from,



mast@work said...

mula2 saya pun tutup.. tp since semua aktiviti kawan2 kyoto hanya dapat tahu melalui Fb, had to open it back after a week.. tapi, kerja2 FB adalah kurang skrg.. kawan2 saya dah kurangkan lebih 100 org.. plan to delete few more.. tp kena tunggu free le..

take care kak ayu..

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Elo Mas ~ ☺ Pekabo anda dia sane? Sellau dok bace blog Mas mcm bes je tgk Mas dok jln² merate.. sgt nak ikuuuuuuuttttt~~ NNt kim salam ke Harris ye.. nak suh kim salam kat hero 2 org tu diorg tak kenai kot 'KAK' Ayu niii =p

Heheh.. akak pun aritu dah kurangkan skit.. bnyk nye kurang kan org² yg add akak mase awal FB for game purposes dedolu time FB masih kurang org pakai.. dlm dah buang bnyk pun, mcm bnyk je lagik yg tak bleh nak buang. Seb bek la tak berpuluh ribu kaaann.. tp kan Mas, jgn delete akak tau ~ ♥

Take care jugak ye.. akak doakan semuanye selamat dan dimudahkan utk Mas and family

Papakeechee said...

no wonder la ... i wanna tag u regarding the hokkien mee thingy kat fb pun tak boleh .... huhuhu .... well hope to see u on FB soon ^_^

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Hi kak Rina.. oohhh, hehe, semangat eh nak try.. to me sedap la, definitely wanna try again but then again, I'm not too picky =p Selamat mencube tau..

Waaa.. klau tak, ade la tag pasal sy kat Fb ye.. makes me miss my FB

IrNiS said...

Ayu, miss ur status on FB, bila dah about a week u're are not in FB, teringatkan ayu, Ayu merajuk ke hehehe. At least Irnis masih boleh citer Ayu melalui blog ni. :)

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Hahah.. alamak Irnis, adekah nmpk sgt sy ni sellau je dok update segale bende kat FB hahah.. anyway, Dr Irnis camne? Ok tak pregnancy kali ni? Blog anda pun dah lame tak update niii =p

IrNiS said...

alhamdulillah dah masuk 7 month. Ye, blog kite mcm nak mati je hehehhe, xsempat, byk kerja2 lain nak buat.