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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Always a bridesmaid, never THE bride?!?!

I got an sms from my cousin, Sayang, yesterday afternoon stating..

..wait for it..

..wait for it..

..wait for ittttt..

..I'm to be the maid of honour on our other cousin's birthday!

No, it wasn't a request. It was sorta like an order (ok la, 'order' seems harsh here tp saje nak drama lebey hehe..). And by whom?

By mummy dearest as well as the council of Aunties who had held the meeting (I suspect la since I know Mama and Wan Chik went ther after Fatin's solemnization on Sunday) at Tangkak, at mak Yang's house.

Sayang told me she was to be the M.O.H for the reception on our side while I'll be the one on the reception for the bridegrooms side.. and yes, she was 'ordered' too!

The reason: We were the only two eligible nieces of the Council who are still unmarried though we're both in our 30s (ok, pangakuan sekejap je ye.. pasni I'm back to being 16!)

Caiittttttt.. ada kaaaaaaa camtu?!?! Cisssss..

I have my own reasons for refusing which I will present to the Council, IF I have a chance (as if!)

1. I've been the maid of honour for THREE times already.. that I can remember la
  • First one to Lin who got married in Kuantan making it also the first experience for me driving all the way up there. I still have the peach and green baju kurung she gave me for the event tho.. ehem.. dah tak brape nak muat kot hahahahaaha..
  • Second to my dear old friend (NO, she's NOT old!), Sentot a.k.a Baizurah for the reception on Amin's side. I wore my favourite blue baju kurung then.. AND got the bouquet, tho not caught la.. more like she handed it to me herself ngan harapan ianye akan sgt mujarab =p
  • Third, a last minute pengapit to my bestfriend during the Uni years, kak Wahid. I went just to give support during the solemnization but ended up to being the 'bidan terjun' style pengapit. And to think that I was wearing a green suit which was the exact same colour with the hantaran making people joke asking if I was also the hantaran she was giving to her husband.. caiittt! Seb baik akak ku itu sporting bile org ckp camtu.. klau sy, mesti muke dah lain koooottt
So three times the charm.. kah?

Sepatutnye sy dah pencen la kan bab² jadi pengapit ni kaaannn

2. Another thing is, Iskandar already told all of us to find something green for raya (Ada kaa my adik bongsu plak call the shots.. cissss! Terpakse laa nak amik ati kaaaannn =p) So, I'm not gonna waste my money buying 2 new baju kurungs since the one required for the M.O.H. duty is Maroon! Very different colours both at the end of the spectrum la kaaannn..

3. People who know me, also know: Instead of a blushing bride, they'll have a BLUSHING BRIDESMAID on their hands. During Lin's reception, I was soooo afraid and kept looking at the floor the whole time ok.. During Baizurah's time pulak, I actually hid behind the stage during the times I wasn't needed for my duties.. boley? While during kak Wahid's, the photographers, a husband (Apit) and wife (Fisya) team that I know from USM, kept commenting on, "Awat laaa pengapit yg malu niiiii?!?!" and ayat tak leh blah from Apit, "Camne kak Ayu nak kawen ni klau dah jadi pengapit pun dok merah² muke camni?!"

So there! I've got THREE strong reasons for that la kann..

Except, I was reminded that the actual superstition was Three Times A Bridesmaid, Never A Bride. So I've actually shot my chances of being a bride when I agreed to be the last-minute MOH to kak Wahid. So what's a fourth time kan? You can't really break whats already broken!

Hehehe.. ok la. ok la.. I know la its superstition and sgt la khurafat for me to believe.. I saje nak drama lebey je in front of my Aunties tu sumer nnt =p So, I'd better make sure they don't read this hehe..

Aiyaaaa~~ Looks like me and Sayang can't really run away from our duty to our cousin, Fatin (and from the orders of the Council)

So Ndar, takdenye kak Yong nak beli baju kaler ijau tahun ni ye!!

Haisyyy.. better practice my blush-proof face before September, huh?


Drama Mama said...

i have a vision of u on the pelamin...sitting on it and not standing besides the bride. tak lama lagi laa tu.. al i feel like a fortune teller already. hahaha

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Fuh.. fuh~~ Amiiiinnnnnn (bkn husband awak, k =p)

Cett.. fortune teller laaa.. sy rase kan, awak nye plan to hand over the bouquet tu mcm tak leh pakai kot.. coz its 4 years dah apaaaaaaaaa hehe..

Papakeechee said...

hehehe ... i still do remember u standing behind Bai at all times tats y could not recognize u in ur own blog dulu ... huhuhu ...

And you wouldn't know la ... things can change and happen in a heartbeat ... and Bai's vision may come true sooner than you think ... AMEEEEEEEENNNNN!!!! ^_^

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Ehem².. amiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnn! Heheh..

nadyasupra said...

the new cast for remake 27 dresses for 2011 goes toooooooooooooo .............. *drums*

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Hahah.. cemmane baru pasan comment ni Nadya..? :p