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Friday, July 22, 2011

And finally.. ♥

Today's still Friday, right?

(Err, well, technically la since its not 12.00am yet.. tp klau dalam Islam, udah masuk Sabtu dah ni kan tadi after Maghrib)

Anyway, eversince I've stopped going to school, I've kinda missed wearing my baju kurungs on Fridays.. boley?

Today plak, I had a few things to do (OK, bunyi cam banyak la kunun but only wanted to service my car *huaaaa.. melayang RM285 tadi* then go buy my monthly supplies. Usually for these things, I just put on my old jeans and any available t-shirt but yesterday, I decided to wear my baju kurung..

Oooohhhhh.. SGT ladylike kaaaaannn.. pi service kete then shopping dgn berbaju kurung! =p

Anyway, I hadn't planned on going to Popular since I almost always managed to coax myself in buying something. Still, tarikan sebuah kedai buku adelah satu godaan yg tak pernah dpt sy tolak =p

I told myself I WON'T buy anything..

..but then I saw this!

Yeayyy! Finally setelah bertahun² plan mau membeli, sy dpt jugak beli!

I know, I know.. dah tua bangka pun baru nak beli tafsir kah?

Actually, my first one I bought during my time at AlMashoor dah ilang or something. And frankly, I don't really like that one coz tulisan kecik giler and they only give you the meaning of the verses. The only use we had for it that time was for the daily tadarus every morning at school. Even then, I'd rather go to Abah's tafsir whenever I needed anything. Not that I used it that much kan.. the ignorance of youth!

Nowadays, you've got all sorts of tafsir where most of them even have referances on when and why a particular verse was err.. what the word eh? 'diturunkan'.. combined with the fact that most tafsirs now have larger fonts which makes it easier for you to read both the actual Al Quran verse and its meaning (yg dulu punye, dhommah pun sometimes nmpk like fathah kaaaann!) makes tafsir reading easier..

(I guess age factor pun same kot.. makin tua makin sedar diri sikit nak tau makne ape yg dibace tu hehe.. but not admitting to that in public la kan.. sy kan mude lagik =p)

Last year I bought one for my junior Salleh for him to take to Japan but regretfully, the only tafsir I found then, though gave thorough explanation on verses, had a-bit-too-small-for-my-liking kinda fonts. I would have prefered to buy him a better one (Read: bigger fonts) but couldn't find one anywhere.. aisyy, mmg rezeki Salleh was that one je lah kot..

Then Yun had also told me about this tafsir she was trying to find where instead of a book for the whole AlQuran, it was divided into a few books with tafsir for a few juzu' each but somehow I never found that one too.

So when I came across that one at Popular, which had the just-right kinda fonts and quite adequet explanation, I thought, why not!

(Jugak since I just got my gaji lah jugak kan which was syukur Alhamdulillah la.. klau idak, tangguh beli ape!)

Bagus lah jugak this Ramadhan, I can now not only read my old trustworthy AlQuran I've been using since I was 18, I can also try to understand what I read (instead of just recite je).. and I'm really glad that instead of skipping Popular as I had first planned, 'something' made me go in.

And instead of my novels I keep buying, I've bought something better di ambang Ramadhan ini.. Let's just hope that I'll really be using this tafsir instead of being excited about it for a few weeks then ignoring it kemudian (seperti nasib tafsir zaman sekolahku itu).. Naudzubillah

Err.. well, actually, I did buy a book jugak but I think its appropriate with the coming Ramadhan as well as the purchase of my tafsir yesterday..

Ok, I admit, I felt a bit guilty about buying books at first when I saw this while I was in line to pay for my tafsir. I was already in my car to head back when I just ran up back to Popular to also buy this book. Adik kaunter itu mcm heran je tgk sy dok beratur lagi kooott hehe..

Anyway, since we have less than 10 days in Sya'aban, I'd like to wish everyone a blessed Ramadhan for this year and may all of us become better Muslims while taking advatage of the blessed month ☺


mast@work said...

saya pun pesen kena baca tulisan besor2.. faktor umur le gitu kan? hahaha

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Tu la Mas.. bkn tak nmpk kaann hehe.. tp lebih selese bile bace yg tak kecik sgt.. yakin! =p

*Tolong la Mas, kite mude lagikkk hehe~~

Leez@rt said...

Kak Ayu....

Where have you been? I had missed u somehow...hihi... If by chance u go to popular again and found a book titled 'Milestone' please tell me ya..hihi... written by Imam sape ntah...but really wanna find that book...;p

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Hahah.. actually Ija, afew nights ago akak mimpi Ija.. you were trying to tell me something tp akak asyik tak paham.. ok, nnt klau akak jumpe, will tell you (wpun mcm tak pegi kot Popular dlm mase terdekat hehe..)

Leez@rt said...

wahaa... mimpi me?? what was i saying/doing? hehe... hurry tho...just in case u came across with the book...;p

Ayu Ikhwani said...

A'ah.. dreamt of you hehe.. akak bgn pun heran, akak dok tingt/rindu kat Ija kahhh hehe.. we were going out like haritu and you wanted to tell me something tp akak tak paham².. boley?

Pasal the book, akak tak penah jumpe, but in case I do, akak bgtau ye.. buku tu pasal ape eh?