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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Transformers?!?! Ke minor makeover je? Hehe..

O-kaaaayyyy! Why the picture of a wee lil' me laughing at the camera?

The last two weeks have been a bit stressful for me, on the state-of-mind part of me. Its still bothering me now but at least I'm starting to get a bit in control of my emotions.

As in a few entries ago, I had written about my tourist-experience-in-my-hometown courtesy of Shahnaz, that was something I think I really needed as things were still fresh in my mind. The 'getaway' provided me the distraction I needed at the moment and I'm very² thankful to The One up above for it.

Anyways, what happened after me and Shahnaz parted ways was a different matter.

I was ready to go back to Pt Buntar when Ikram (and then Iskandar) called asking if I'd like to have lunch with them. Since I was still in Penang, I agreed so I headed back home to Sg Ara.

As I entered the place where I had grown up once upon a time ago, I realized not many things had changed. Afew shops were replaced with some newer ones but I think that was all it. The homwtown I grew up was still recognizable as it was since I was a kid.. I noticed one shop I used to go to once every, lets say, 2 years.. but I continued my drive back home.

At home, Ikram and Iskandar had friends along so I excused myself to perform my Zohor prayers. When Ikram told me he still wasn't finished cooking, my mind wandered back to the shop I had noticed earlier so I decided to go make a visit. The last time I went there was probably 10 years ago.. and I'm guessing my estimate here is quite accurate..

..but the shop was full, much to my disappointment! I went back home and had lunch with Mama and the boys (Ohhhh.. dulu only Iwan and Adi je I call 'the boys'.. now its my younger siblings and their friends!)

As I was ready to go back to PB, I decided to head to the bakery in Sg Ara for some cake fix but somehow, I felt like checking out the shop I had earlier went to and to my delight, there were only two customers in there so there wasn't a long wait.

And what did I do there?!?!

Well, I turned THIS..

..into THIS! Tadaaaaa~~

Okay², obviously those two pictures are not at all like me la kan! I can't really put my pictures coz
1. Aurat weihhhhh
2. I really wanted long wavy and curly hair like that (colour tamau la blonde gitu.. my normal hair clour would do!)
3. Gambo² tu mcm lebih comey je dari realiti diri sy (Ohh, kene la kaver kekurangan diri haha..) especially the short hair one. Why la my hair not like that ahhhh?

My hair was already long enough, right below my butt. The problem with me is that I never know when to cut my hair. When its long enough, I'd complain everytime I wash my hair coz its to much work and it dries VERY slowly due to my thick tresses.. but once their clean and dry, mule la malas nak gi hairdresser kaaaannnn..

I decided, what better time than present to cut my hair?

Who knows, it might ringankan my kepala that was feeling a bit too heavy to handle! Kan.. kaaaaannnnn..

A few customers seperti biase drama lebih than me and the hairdresser plak, asking: Betul ke adik nak potong rambut tu? Tak sayang ke?

One makcik even sat beside me watching the entire process.. boleh gitu?

My head did feel a bit lighter though, and for a while, I imagined that it was lighter due to my problems being blown away..

Yeahhhhh RIGHT!


So, why the connection with my picture at the topmost?

Sbb that picture was taken when I was 2 years old, and that is the last picture I have of myself with hair this short!

I've always cut my hair shoulder length, somehow I have this strange need to still be able to tie up my hair, but this time, I can't even bunch it up, its REALLY short hehe..

..and I still can't recognize the girl I see in the mirror tho' I've had this haircut for two weeks, tomorrow!

No more huge bun under my headscarf!

No more brushing my hair with my big hairbrush.. I can use combs now!

No more worrying if my hair would dry properly before I wear my hijab! I can wash my hair
every time I take a bath now hehe..

..and I could even sometimes feel the breeze going through my hair, cooling my head!

Serius! Sgt kagum okay since I've nver known how soothing it could be..

I'm FREE!!!

Heheh.. well, at least for the next few months la since my hair grows quite faster compared to most of my friends..

So I'm gonna enjoy it as long as I can coz trust me, next time, I'm NEVER GONNA CUT MY HAIR THIS WAY AGAIN!

Aik.. tadi suke sgt rambut pendek, skrg takmo potong camni dah pasni.. why ah?

Coz, as I said earlier, I still don't recognize the girl in the mirror AND, its just not me! I'm a pony-tailed kinda girl, and I'm afraid that every now and then, I get tired of my short hair coz it doesn't feel familiar..

So hair, please grow quickly (especially quickly below my shoulders since my hair seems to be tickling me at the back of neck). I'll wait for you patiently (for a while la before I grom impatient) and my hair brush (that is now banished into the bottom drawer) misses you..



~miScHiEvOus_GaL~ said...

Ayu..gunting rambut ker? huhuh...skrg ni still kena mntak permission ke? hehhe..x sabar nak tgk ayu rambut pendek..sejak 1998..x pernah rasanya rambut ko pendek..

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Hahaha.. dah bertahun dah tak mntk permission Yun.. bkn setakt 1998 Yun, paling pendek camni rasenye mase kecik² dedolu jek.. cam lawak je skrg nak basuh rambut cam senang giler