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Friday, July 29, 2011

Guess where I just came back from?

Hehe.. Around noon, Rashid called to ask me if I wanted to follow him and his housemates s.o.m.e.w.h.e.r.e..

Mane ye?

Heheh.. jeng³!

Akhrinye, setelah bertahun asyik lalu je kat highway tu! <--Okay, cam sgt perak lah Ayu ni kan..

Upon arriving, we had to register as visitors first (Duh.. bese lah tu, Ayu oiii). Had time to snap another picture jugak then haha.. Then we entered..

Ok.. takde la cam gah sgt sebegitu ye, saje je sy kasik kunun cam suspen sbb first time kan masuk kilang itu. Was imagining a padang-pasir-like view.. double duh! 

I also had imagined it was like a super-huge store where you have this big basket to put it the boxes and boxes of kurma you wanted to buy.. tough luck la klau nak dpt camtu kan! Hahah.. actually it was just a small crowded room, with a glass display of only a select few form the long list of items on sale. You were given a list each and on the walls were these large posters of the things on sale. You only had to make you choice on the form given to oyu, then you go right up to there long line of people at the counter to place your order.. and then you pay lah!

Then you wait for a while till they call your number and you go out to pick up your boxes of order.


Haiyaaaa.. ilang daya imaginasiku kalu begini!

Heheh.. anyway, the dates were sold in bulk la since you bought it at the factory and there were a dozen boxes per package ranging from RM69 to RM200++. You could also buy them per kg if you want where the Kurma Nabi was the most expensive at RM400 per 5kg (tp Rashid kate murah coz at Makkah they sold it at RM80 per half kilogram).

The four of us bought 3 large packages of kurma (1 box of Safina dates and another 2 boxes of Bledi dates). Then since I had told the boys I wanted to buy the chocolate covered kurma (which was sold at RM70 for 5 boxes of 150g), they dgn baik hatinye took one box each so I won't be stuck with the whole 5 boxes hehe.. selamat~~

I also bought this..

..sgt sedap hokey! Bleh lawan my favourite Quality Street nye chocolates wpun choice kurang skit kot ~ chocodate, strawberry flavoured chocs, milk choc, caramel, white truffle, coconut cream, praline and crispy cream) tp seryes sedap. This one you don't have to buy in bulk and at only RM13 je (Quality Street kan mcm RM50 per box!)

All in all, this was my purchase..

..haha, ok, yg chocodate tu mcm tipu la kan since the guys took 3 boxes dah pun and dlm tu just tinggal 2 more boxes je. All those tak sampai RM150 pun tau.. Rasenye RM121 camtu kot.

Tinggal mau distribute je ~ ♥

So sape yg duk dekat² sini, sile²! Especially if you plan to give boxes of dates to friends and family.. we already calculated, you save more than 25% and sgt la bnyk lagi choice than if you buy from your local shops.

Oh yeah.. selamat bersedia utk Ramadhan ye kengkawan ~ ☺


Drama Mama said...

bestnya! dah prepare for ramadhan. we have to guy as well lah!

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Sile² Baizurah.. you're family kan ramai so mmg untung la pegi beli in bulk camni =)