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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Semua salah Pojie..

I had come to school 2 days ago in hopes of tying up some loose ends of my thesis. However, since I had just come back from Kulim, I found myself engulfed in my usual laziness eventhough I was sitting right in front of the pc.

As I was deleting some unused files, I came across some files Pojie had given me a few days earlier. It was files for the Prison Break series I had requested, but still hadn't found the time to watch. A smile came across my face as an idea formed into my head, that was quickly agreed by the lazy inner me.

Now, the reason I haven't watched it wasn't just because I didn't have time, but also because my pc downstairs does not have speakers (kes malas nak amik kat bilik atas) and I, myself, do not own any earphones or whatsoever. When I noticed Pojie wasn't at his workstation anyway, I quickly text him to ask permission to curik his headphone. My excuse was, "Pojie dah lame bagi files ni kat akak but I haven't even peeked at it pun!" <--Alasan!!!

I've seen the YM status of some friends commenting on this series from waaaaaayyy back to last year (even before it hit the tvs here). I once asked them about it but what I got was mostly,"Tengok la wei, bes giler!" Hehe, those comments didn't really make me interested to watch it!

However, a couple of weeks ago, me, Pojie and Lie were helping Remy with something. Remy clearly had lost sleep over this and since he didn't seem to be eating, we told him to go and eat while we helped him with his work. Though he was reluctant at first, at last he agreed to go grab a bite while we continued what he was previously doing.

Pojie had ordered his nescafe o ais from Remy so eventhough we had finished Remy's work, we decided to wait until Remy came back to the postgraduate room before retiring to our own rooms/home. While waiting, Pojie and Lie wanted to watch the 18th and 19th episode of
Prison Break and since I was curious about the story, I agreed to watch it with them.

The rest, they say, is history! I was instantly hooked though I might have annoyed Pojie at my 1001 questions every 5 minutes or so, regarding the series. Ye la, baru nak tengok first time, p tengok episode yang belakang² haha.. I made Pojie promise to bring me his collection of the series, and thats how it got into my pc :-p~

No one else was in the postgrauate room except Quazzi so I dimmed the lights and started to get comfortable in my cubicle. I kept telling myself that I'll only watch the first episode since I had my tuition classes in 2 and a half hours but that 'first episode' turned out to be THREE episodes. I didn't even notice the time!

When it was nearly 2.45 ONLY did I reluctantly stop watching it and returned Pojies headphones with a note of thanx while telling him I had succeeded in watching the first three episode. Since I didn't really want to feel guilty of abandoning my thesis, I told Pojie that HE
should be the guilty one. However, when I came back that night, I found a note from him saying he didn't feel guilty, and even encouraged me to go finish the whole 18 episodes he had given me..

Aiyakkkk! Why oh why la did you HAVE to say that, Pojie? Really encouraged me lagi je la...

Know what I did? Curik his headphones again and just continued with the rest of the series while trying to maintain a straight face (cover malu la konon nye tu..) full of dignity in front of him, after failing to restrain myself from watching it! Hahah.. malu giler, but what the heck, sape suh ajo akak tengok? Hehe.. I mean the suspense, the wonder of the complex human mind (Micheal thought of EVERYTHING and had backup plans for anything that might come in the way.. wow!), the family moments. It didn't help that it had a bit of engineering thrown in that most of us here could really relate to.. and the fact that Wentworth Miller was a cutie didn't really hurt!

Three straight days! THREE! Three weih.. Three straight days I managed to ignore my thesis completely and only concentrated on the series. Imagine, if I had did my work for the long weekend (Saturday, Sunday and Monday, the holiday for Labour Day), I might even manage to submit my thesis haha.. but what did I do? Waste my time on this series.. (Cett, macam la sebelum ni rajin beno pun.. )

Okay la Pojie, I'm not blaming you pun. I admit, even without this series sitting in my pc, my work still wouldn't be done coz I get distracted so easily. But then again, malu la nak ngaku bersalah sorang² so I'm dragging you into my guilt ye, Pojie! Heheh..

Still, suddenly life seems so boring after finally watching the complete set (in my pc la, not the complete series, lum abis lagi laa..) Pojie gave me. Now I'm itching to find out waht happens next and like I said, ni semua salah Pojie ;-p~


Anyway, I'm gonna insaf now and go do my work. Pojie, akak nye pc takde episode 19 la. Esok meeting kolokium and ape pun tak siap lagi! Ishhh, cam nak tengok lagi la citer ni dari mule! I also plan to submit my thesis within this month, Uwaaaa, ketagih dah nak tengok citer ni!, so I'd better not let anything distract me, right? Pojie, nanti remind akak to burn citer ni dalam cd, ek! See, I'm not the least distracted.. right?

Pojie, bile dapat yang 20 nyer, kasi tau akak ek.. :-p~

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