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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Terkenang saat itu.. Pt1

So yesterday was the mid of the weekend and I had initially planned to COOK! Masalahnye, bumi Pt Buntar/Nibong Tebal yg sudah lame tidak disirami hujan telah menerima rahmat yang besar spjg hari smlm. Makanya, perasaan sgt lah seronok duduk di rumah yg sejuk tanpe perlu aricon itu.. dan bile duduknye pun selese, mule la menjadi malas kan hehe..

Around 3.30pm, when I was ready to cook for iftar, I realized I hadn't defrosted the chicken yet.. so the perasaan malas won!

I got ready to go out to buy some supplies for my usual Ramadhan Project and decided to just go to the nearest bazaar at Nibong Tebal.. Ok la, actually Bandar Baharu punye lagi la dekat tp sy tidak berperasaan mau bersesak².

At the bazaar, I first noticed a cucur udang stall and was pleasantly suprised to see my student at the stall. Mule la nak nagco.. terlupe jap sy si Yazib ni pun kelas form 5 yg sy merajuk aritu hahah..

Anyway, maybe it was the sight of him ke.. or maybe sbb tetibe teringtkan my old students whom I nickname my bazaar Ramadhan stalker (hahah.. rindu kat diorg!), I suddenly found myself down memory lane..

*bunyi music ala² slow² tp tak romantic laaaa..*

Errkk.. pjg n jauh la pulak memory lane sy ni.. tak nmpk simapng kuar dah ni.. mane nak start ye?

Hmm.. I first felt the joy of Ramadhan during secondary school la kot.. Sblm tu mmg la puase semua tu, tp maybe sbb lame sgt dah kot I don't remember much of it..

Anyway, first time I celebrated Ramadhan away from home was in form 1. Mase tu pulak masuk AlMashoor kan. Nak kate syahdu sgt pun idak le kot sbb AlMashoor ngan my home pun dlm half an hours journey je pun hehe..

Well, first time sahur at the hostel, mcm konpius je.. Ye la, klau kat rumah, sahur 1st mesti la sedap², ni bile sahur kat hostel, mkn dia ala yg selalu mkn tghari tu je pun (ikan goreng, sayur masak sup). Mcm terkebil² jugak la kot time tu hehe..

The whole puasa day was like usual coz we still kene gi skola la sumer tu kan.. tp ptg tu, after Asar, was a new experience for me.. TADARUS!

Okay, in AlMashoor, we're supposed to Tadarus every morning pun. But we usually just recite the Al Quran together so this was the first time I had to recite Al Quran in front of 7~8 people who would be listening carefully to everything I read.. waaaaaa, kecut perut! Gile takuuuuuttt.. Dah la memang I don't really have the confidence in reciting the Al Quran, kali ni, terpakse pulak bace depan org.. seryes tergagap mcm ape je.. and sgt la malu sy rase.. but the seniors and my friend were kind enough to help me along the way so sikit demi sikit, I managed to get over the bumps.. wpun not entirely la (even sampai form 5 pun sy still takut bile Ustaz suruh bace dpn kelas) but at least I gained a bit of confidence kan ☺

Itu lah yg kitorg buat every Ramadhan sampai la we were in form 3 (Form 4 I no longer stayed in the hostel).. ye sy tau, skolah lain pun bnuat jugak.. but to me, it was a new experience.

Then, habis Tadarus, all of us got ready for iftar. Around 7pm dah boleh pegi dining hall dah beratur amik makanan. During Ramadhan, usually we'd sit with our roomates or 'ahli kamar' instead of with our friends. Seronok la jugak kan sbb once you've grown close to your classmates, agak jarang la jugak akan turun with bdk² kamar..

Haa.. mase ni pun terkebil² jugak.. sbb? Bukak puase mkn dlm tray hehe.. but the food was better than sahur la, of course.. Biasenye me and my bdk² kamar would go get our food, susun tray atas meje then go out to the garden ke ape ke to while the time away.. 5 minutes to iftar, everyone would have already been sitted and once azan je, everyone would eat.. the dining hall which was usually noisy akan sgt la sunyi sepi hahah..

Then, since mase tu mkn sgt cepat, even before azan Maghrib abis, ramai je dah abis makan.. boley? Sumer terus ke surau for Maghrib prayer. Biasenye during Ramadhan, mesti berjemaah² solat Maghrib nye. Sape abis makan dulu would pray with the first jemaah and sape yg kemudian would join the later one.

The usual post-Maghrib prep would be cancelled as we waited for Isya and tarawikh. during this time, student² cemerlang mmg will go to class to study la.. sy yg tidak la cemerlang sgt akan duk di kamar sembang with roomates while waiting. And when the time came, we'd all go to the musolla for Isya and tarawikh prayers together~

After prayers, we'd have our supper which was usually something nicer than the usual biscuits given to us. Rasenye sbb org sedekah kot something like that. Macam² la we got to eat during supper during Ramadhan. Laksa, mee kuah and such.. once in a while we'd get those milk or dadih from the Jabatan Haiwan (errkk, btul ke Jabatan ni eh?)

Then it was back to prep until 11.15pm.. then sleep. Simple kan hidup time tu.. and fun bile puase ramai² gitu (even if I DID dread the tadarus haha.. perangai tak senonoh sbb malu n takut org gelak sy bace Al Quran.. ade ke?)

Every year, there would be one day where both hostels (we had two different hostels at two different locations) would join together for a joint iftar with our teachers. During this time, we'd be asked to wear the hostel or school sorta uniform (baju batik laaa, not the white and blue baju kurung) and since the school musolla sgt la kecik, we'd perform our prayers on the netball court. Sejuk je.. and best! Solat bawah bintang weihhh, sape tak suke~ ☺

Sometimes, when I was in form 3, Aniza would ask me if I wanted to qiamullail with her. We had the qiam scheduled by the hostel but I'm glad I had friend who wanted to educate themselves to strengthen their belief. We weren't allowed to go to the musolla after 12am (Actually, I'm sure the warden tak kisah klau nak gi solat, she was only worried klau tido ke ape ke je dlm surau tu) so me, Aniza and Fikriah (kot.. I can't remember sape lagi) would stay up in our class eventhough lights off was at 12am.

Now, I don't remember where we got the idea but we sorta understood that Tahajjud can only be done if you had slept and bgn balik but mesti after 12am (skrg sy cari balik tp mcm tak perlu je.. yg afdhalnye is sepertige terakhir kan.. ke sy yg konpius ni ye?) so boleh tak, all of us will gilir² tidur hehe.. example, Monday would be my turn to not sleep so nnt only Ani and Fik je would qiam after I wake them up. Then Tuesday Ani pulak would not sleep as to wake us up to qiam and the cycle goes on mcm tu lah.. well, we were students.. agak jahil la kan but I love the fact that there was a give and take in here ☺

Now Ani is a teacher in Seri Nibong while Fik at SMKA Nibong Tebal.. and still I don't see them that much.. *sigh*

Mase form 2 pulak, lagi bes. Form 2s and form 4s stay at the hostel farther from school, at Jalan Perak so we had a bit of a freedom here. We were allowed to go out to Padang Brown everyday instead of only on Tuesdays so we enjoyed it here a bit more la kot.

But the best was when Ustazah Che Maznah and Cikgu Nab picked one night to give us duit raya. Giler seronok hokey.. and bkn itu aje, they bought us fireworks too!! Okay la, not la the noisy² ones, just the sparkles and the mercun you throw at people tu.. Hahah, I had a good time chasing Zahroh with a fistful of these.

Ohh, and also one they called mercun tarik.

Now the mercun tarik ni mcm special skit.. why? Our hostel at jalan Perak is like the long houses in Sarawak/Sabah and only had doors at each end as well as the very middle of it. Only the middle door was used tho so the girl in the kamar nearest to the door would tie up these mercun on peoples slippers. The fireworks were small and you wouldn't really notice it at first glance and most of us didn't notice them doing this as our kamar were far from the door.

So the name pun mercun tarik kan.. iamgine what happened when you wore a pair of slippers tied with the mercun and you tried to walk, thus 'tarik'king the mercun tarik along?

Hahah.. mmg nakal giler lah budak² tu haha..

I kinda missed the joy of Ramadhan at school once I stayed at home.. and I kinda miss it now.

Bes kan jadik budak² balik hehe..

Anyway, ade lagik ni nak citer, tp len entry.. dah nak imsak dah ni.. need to drink..

Selamat berpuase ye..


blackmountain said...

kaannn.. i missed ramadhan masa high school too <--can't believe I actually admitted that heheh

but life was simple back then, not as complicated as these days *sigh*

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Tu la kak Anis.. mase tu dha la buke pun, wpun tak sedap, tp org yg sediakan haha.. but the best part was iftar ramai².. sgt suke!

Nurul said...

ayu sewe sorang ke cene kt PB tu?sllu jumpe kak ana tak?

L said...

zaman skolah..memang best tapi bila ingat balik, sedih pun ada. hahaha

Ayu Ikhwani said...

kak Nurul: Yup.. dok sorg je skrg =) Pernah la jumpe kak Ana kat billion tp tu dah brape tahun lepas dah tah heheh..

Zha: Aikk.. nape lak sedih.. akak rase time tu la yg bes pun =)