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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cookie dough Pt.2

Alaaa.. lupe la pulok amik gambo the vanilla cookie dough.. aisshh..


Once again I couldn't sleep so I decided to finish up with my Ramadhan project. This time I made the same cookies as last year, the vanilla one.

So.. kelentang.. kelentung.. kelentang.. kelentung..


Err.. lebey kurang half of the batch la. Sbb using royal icing ni I usually only bake it in 2 batches shj sbb nak minimumkan mase cookies kat luar.. takut masuk angin (since kene ade addition cooling time for the royal icing to set kan)

So, these are where they'd be placed.. mcm nak campur both flavours je in one container..

And this would be put on top ~ ☺

Hahah.. ye la, sy tak kreatip.. tiap tahun dok motip ketupat je kaaann =p


nadyasupra said...

untungnya sapa yang dapat T_T

Drama Mama said...

sangat rajin ok siap buat kad tu semua! kagummmmm!!!!

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Nadya: Err.. tu pun klau tak sakit perut koot hahah..

Bai: Oppsss.. malu la plak when my creative friend ni nmpk what I'm doing haha.. don't laugh, ok =p