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Thursday, August 25, 2011

No Wonder I'm Not An Accountant!!

I was texting with Baizurah about her Diaper Cake I had ordered for Remy when something hit me..

I might be a good Maths teacher (Good!?!? Perasan alert! Perasan alert! Hahah..) but I really suck in accountings.. specifically in my own household accounting which always drives me crazy!

Instead of getting my pay at the end of the month like normal people, I get mine in the middle of the month, memang usually on the 15th la. This is usually since parents only pay their kids fee at the end of the month (coz normal people get their pay then.. know what I mean?) so the tuition clerks could only calculate our cut of the pay AFTER most of them have paid since we only our pay based on who pays or not for our individual classes.

And like other normal people who start wishing payday would come quicker at the middle of the month, I also have days like that which usually fall on the first few days of the month pulak, for the likes of people like me.

So usually to take my mind off the, "Bile nak gaji ni?" thought, I'd list down all the neccessities I'd need to pay/buy for the next paycheck.

1. House rent
2. Mobile & broadband bill
3. Utilities bills
4. Duit Kut
5. Study loan
6. Household items
7. Bla.. bla.. bla..

In doing this, I have this rough figure of what I HAVE to put aside yg WAJIB laaa dibayar kannnn.. and more often that not, I'm left with cukup² je for my daily expenses, tuition expenses and petrol. During this phase, I'm usually happily patting my back for a good job done..

UNTIL I get the actual gaji!

Since my pay isn't, like, tetap.. you know, some months you get this much, other months you get that much (but lucky for me, usually memang cover the WAJIB ones).. its usually a challenge for me to make sure the leftover money is used wisely.. which usually means trouble for me!


..and I'm not the shopping type pulak tu.. well, except if I find myself within a 2km radius of a bookstore je la kot.

And another problem is when I have some things I can only pay by hand (eg. house rent, kut) while some I pay thru CiMBClicks (all three bills, study loan, transfers) so it is here that my problem arises. My mind get all muddled when I have to merge my have-to-pay list with the CiMB/in-hand list..

Yes, I know.. simple household accounting only includes addition and subtraction, right? Tu pun bley salah² ke Ayu oiiiiii~~

Haiyaaa.. this months punye budget I've already calculated THRRE times and still not only tak balance, but I also get different values of the balances EVERY TIME! Huwaaaaaaa~~

It doesn't help that aside from 3 kenduris (Tepet, Anim and Fatin) this month, I'm also budgeting for a baby present (thus, my conversation with Bai.. but you guys gotta see her work, seryes cantik weiiihhhhh.. you can go see them --> here!)

And its the month of raya where my petrol+touchngo budget must be a bit higher than usual.. along with raya goodies budget. Like right now, in my first and third budget list, it seems like I could pretty much cover the needs.. but you just wait till the time comes when I actually have to go buy/pay those thing.. mesti jadik haywire punye lahhhh.. aiyaaaa! Wa manyak pening, loooo..

..and I haven't even started paying anything yet!

Arrrghhh.. I need a CHEAP (most preferably FREE) accountant please! (C'mon la, its just a household account, bkn ribu riban nye account hokay)



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