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Saturday, August 13, 2011

1st Challenge ~ Your Favourite Song

Okay.. sementara menunggu berbuke puasa, I thought I'd put in the first song in the challange.. Err.. TOLONG JGN GELAK ye, you guys hahah..

1st Challenge ~ Your favourite song!

Actually, as you guys know, sgt la susah wanna choose what is your favourite songs for all the songs you've loved for the past 31 16 years. I kept changing my choices. But in the end I settled with this.. Tadaaa~~~

Ye.. so I'm guilty of being a big fan of Westlife!

So dlm bnyk² lagu Westlife sy suke, why choose this one? Well, there's a story behind it, which always makes me smile whenever I feel.. err.. well.. unloved!

When I was in secondary school, Abah banned the TV from the house. Instead, we were left with the only stereo in the house which was located downstairs. Because of this, I always made it a point to do my homework at the dining table, instead of my 'well-equipped' bedroom. One reason was because, Ikram and Izati who stay in my room don't have a proper desk unlike the desk I had since the time I was a kid. The second reason, the radio was the ONLY entertainment time mlm², hokey!

Tu pun, sometimes Abah would switch of the radio, tak bg dgr sumer sbb takut we weren't doing homework and was mostly listening to the radio (which I was guilty of anyway.. tp my homework sentiase siap tau!). Dah la zaman Tok Nadoq tu dulu we only had Radio Muzik, aside form Radio Pulau Pinang.. mcm sedey tak? Hahah..

Anyway, because of this, I always switched of the radio whenever Abah came down to check on us. He was always grumbling on the things we listened to lah ape lah kannn.. the only thing he'd agree upon is if we switched on the CD player with his oldies songs hehe..

A few years in the future saw me going to USM la segale and falling in love with Westlife (haha..). My brothers knew about this but nobody else.. I thought la. Sbbnye, mase ni dah pandai beli Walkman sendiri (mase tu mane ade iPod segale male ye!) so I could listen in the privacy of my home. Mase tu pulak, Hitz and Mix baruuuu je started going on air so dah ade la choice skit in radio stations and once in a while, I'd still hear this song on the stereo downstairs tp bese la, control depan Abah, takut dia tak suke.

Then one day, Adi excitedly told me something. Mase tu, was the end of the year and he was still in school. So seperti biase, my family would troop towards the one and only Popular in Penang during that time, kat KOMTAR. 

Popular dulu bkn cam Popular skrg yg agak la senyap. Dulu, Popular rajin pasang² lagu la ape la kan. So here was Adi choosing the stationaries he needed for the school year with Abah when this song was aired throughout the store. It would have just passed Adi just like that if something didn't happen. Out of no where..

"Adi, ni lagu yang kak Yong suke tu kan?"

..dan Adi ternganga! Hahah.. 

Thats why balik tu, Adi trus told me what happened. Sape nak sangke, Abah actually knew what song I was into at that time! Haha.. sy terkejut, tp tak leh byg perasaan Adi nak terkejut mcmmane la kan coz he was the one who experienced it first-hand..

..and me, the girl who thought Abah never noticed anything about me, was suddenly feeling so loved!

Heheh.. boley?

So, here's to one of my most favourite songs all time ~ ♥ 

If I Let You Go ~ Westlife

Day after day
Time pass away
And I just can´t get you off my mind
Nobody knows
I hide it inside
I keep on searching but I can´t find

The courage to show
To letting you know
I´ve never felt so much love before
And once again I´m thinking about
Taking the easy way out

But if I let you go
I will never know
What my life would be
Holding you close to me
Will I ever see
You smiling back at me
How will I know?
If I let you go

Night after night
I hear myself sayin´
Why can´t this feeling just fade away?
There´s no one like you
You speak to my heart
It´s such a shame we´re worlds apart

I´m too shy to ask
I´m too proud to lose
But sooner or later I gotta choose
And once again I´m thinking about
Taking the easy way out


Once again I´m thinking about
Taking the easy way out

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