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Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm a fan of cookie dough ~ ♥

These past few days I've been busy (and 'brokenhearted') with my annual Ramadhan Project.

Why broken hearted? Hehe.. mengade kan.. actually I'm a bit frustrated je kot with the initial outcome ni..

Lets see, a few years ago, my Ramadhan project consisted of chocolate covered dates I ordered from Ellie D'Heart. Dia punye serius sedap.. Sedap enough that I ordered it from her year after year hehe.. The almond stuffed inside the date was oh-so-crunchy and the chocolate had just the right bitterness to team with the sweeteness of the date. I liked it enough that I felt sgt rugi order skit².. thus, I started to bulk order from her and give to my friends around here.. just so they could enjoy this sweet delicacy..

But since Yusoff Taiyoob pun dah start jual kurma chocolate, it didn't seem quite special anymore.. at least for me to give people la. So, last year, instead of my usual chocolate covered dates with almond/apricot (Yup, Ellie buat apricot sekali..), I decided to give something different.. Specially made sugar cookies from mah own kitchen! ~ ☺

Okay, mcm la sedap sgt kan.. but at least I knew my friends tak leh dpt kat tmpt len kaaaannn hahah..

This year plak, I had initially planned something different, tp kekangan masa dan kewangan menyebabkan sy kembali ke idea last year. But since I still wanted to make something different, instead of the vanilla sugar cookies I did last year, I decided to go with chocolate flavoured ones..

..yeah! Besaq sgt la difference nye kan Ayu oiiiiii~~

So a few days ago, you could find me mixing up my first batch of cookie dough..

..chocolatey, righhhhhtttt!

Alas, it was here that I was broken hearted.

For one, it was sweet (but turned out my tastebuds yg tak betoi since I don't really take a lot of sugar anyway hehe..)

And second, it wasn't crunchy.. more like towards the soft side, almost like a cake. And I swear it wasn't because I left it out to cool for a tad bit too long.

So the leftover cookie dough was wrapped and kept in the fridge while I wallowed in self-pity <--SANGAT drama kaaannnnnn

Then this morning, once I again I couldn't sleep.. and by 'morning', I meant 1am.

Tossing and turning, it suddenly came to me, that maybe I didn't bake them long enough. You see, for vanilla cookies, you could sorta guess when its baked at the right duration, due to the darkening colour. But for chocolate cookies, how the hell are you supposed to know, right? <--actually, org terre tau je.. Ayu ni bkn nak ngaku tak terre!

I mean, my first try wasn't like not cooked or something. It was thoroughly cooked, just maybe not as much as I'd like so instead of the 10 minutes suggested by the recipe, I did it at 20 minutes.. and tadaaaa~~

I got my just-right crunchy cookies.. yeay!

This time, I wasn't taking any chances so I frosted them as soon as possible and switched on the fan at full speed so the icing would harden more quickly (Ye ke? Hahah..) And voilaaaa~~

Presenting this years giveaway for my Ramadhan Project..

..okay! Still a bit too sweet for my taste la kot so next time I'll just reduce the sugar amount by a tablespoon or two perharps?

Ohh.. oooohhh.. presenting also, my caramelized apple tak jadi hehe..

Takpe, arini leh try lagi.. but need to go buy some cinnamon coz I used my last stick yesterday. Wish me luck!


nadyasupra said...

okay . serius nih . rumah cikgu kat mana ? saya nak gi lah raya nanti . biar habis kuih raya cikgu muahahhahahaha

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Hahah.. awak ni Nadya, gaye ckp mcm la sy nye cookies ni sedap-giler-meletop-wa-ckp-lu.. dikaler²kan bg menutup kekurangan dirinye hokey =p

nadyasupra said...

saya bukan apa cikgu, bagi sayalah kan, biskut yang dibuat dengan hati lain sangat rasanya dengan biskut yang dibuat untuk dijual x)

Drama Mama said...

ayu...caramelized apple ni buat camana?

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Nadya: Ohhh.. biscuti yg buat dgn hatiiii.. I like!! ♥

Bai: Aiyakkk.. dah la sy post yg tak jadi ni haha.. buat je caramel, then buh la apple.. tp jgn la pi buat caramel cam utk Creme Caramel tu, giler keras tu nnt.. I used a knob of butter, some honey. Buh atas api yg slow and kacau smpi butter dah cair. Then masukkan brown sugar sesedap rase hehe.. you'd get this chewy-candy-like consistency. Baru masukkan apples. Preferable yg dah buang kulit la sbb kulit dia licin, nnt caramel tak lekat but I like the kulit so I tak buang pun hehe.. sedap tu sedap la, tp jgn wat selalu.. butter+sugar tuuu heheh..

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Oppss.. lupe.. tambah cinnamon nye stick sekali time dok kacau butter and honey tu.. wangiiii~~

Yours truly said...

rajinnye kak yong!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Ayeen: Hahah.. just something to do during Ramadhan.. pas abis ni, dapur ku kembali berabuk lahhh