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Monday, January 29, 2007





I'm sending my thesis today.. should be happy, right?!!?!

-----------updated 2nd February 2007-----------

Just realized something yesterday.. I don't really trust people that much anymore :(

God, whats happening to me? These are the people I had once trusted my secrets with.. People I'd trust my life with.. yet..

I hate myself right now!

Hahah.. in roller coaster emotion mode here!

Anyway, last Wednesday nearly turned out to be an unlucky day for me. First, I had left my ancient mobile at the tennis court after going for a round of 'mari-pukul-bola-tennis' with Dgon who, btw had just arrived that morning. I remember going to the cafe afterwards WITHOUT my phone but only realized it was missing when I had arrived home to bathe. Had to rush back to the tennis court, and thankfully, since it IS ancient, no one wanted it haha.. so it was still safely where I had put it earlier.

Then I had gone to kak Win's house to go get some work Dr Meor wanted me to do. After the discussion, I went back to the campus, only to realize I had left my purse at kak Win's house. Shoot! Good thing there weren't any traffic policemen or I'd get yet another summon, huh! Had to ask help from Remy to drive me to kak Win's house to go fetch my purse.

The at night, I went to school as I had promised Dgon to go find something to eat. Turned out, even Ramadhan, Erwan and Remy wanted to go out so we decided to go out a bit late. When we were about to go, I decided to go to the ladies first and would you believe it, my matrics card.. the only thing that could permit me to enter this room FELL INTO THE TOILET! Aiyak.. of all things laaa.. and I thought I could keep it as a momento of my being here.. uwaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Then I received an sms from Dr Meor who wanted me to finish up the analysis I had just received that afternoon by the next morning *gulp*

Some days, its just not worth getting outta bed, huh!

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