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Saturday, January 06, 2007

"Rasional dalam emosi"

I was online with Sob, an old friend when suddenly he typed out on the IM window, "Boleh tahan.. Rational dalam emosi"

For a while, I was really confused.

I asked him to explain but he just laughed. It was towards the end of our conversation that I realized I had given him the url to my Yahoo! 360 blog. Trying my best to remember what I had written while he teased me, I smiled to myself, knowing how these old friends of mine really see me haha..

They've always known I'm a bit over sensitive. Ok la.. maybe more than 'a bit'! I've even had Yokies say to me, "Hang ni sensitip bukan²!" once when he was exasperated with my whinings on something I've forgotten.. which btw, made me laugh at the way he said it and forget totally about being sensitive.

Truth is, I'm sometimes tired about this trait of me myself, and its not really fair to say I can't help it. I'm sure I could if I tried so I guess it just means I don't try hard enough. However, these recent years have taught me to ignore any initial upset feeling and to be only truly upset when its a bit too much. So most of the time now, if I'm upset, I just pretend to not care.. but THEY know me haha!

Another thing is that I've learnt to vent all my frustrations in my blogs. Thats why I have two major blogs for different set of friends. For example, if I wanna write about something I don't want this group to know, I'll write it in a the blog they don't know exists or even if they do, they really seldom go there. Like when I was upset about my friends pairing me up with another old friend without my knowledge (as if I'd agree even if I knew pun laa..), I wrote about it here as they only know my Yahoo blog.

However, in Sob's case, I didn't know which address to give him so I gave him my Yahoo one. Turned out, I had just recently written an emotional entry, thus the 'rasional dalam emosi' comment he gave me.. When I had reread what I had written, I laughed out loud, knowing that they had always believed I'm not capable of other feelings than being emotionally unstable haha..

So for this case, though some people would be offended, I'll take it as a compliment! :)

Ye Sob, kawan awak ni dah dewase laaaaaaaaa.. :D

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