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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My friend is getting married.. :)

Yesterday I got an sms from Toroque. He asked if I was going to a mutual friends wedding.. I was a bit surprised though as I had just YMed with that friend a few weeks ago and he didn't mention anything. Still, I'm glad for him, though a bit upset that he didn't invite me to it..

For a few friends (yup Sentot, that includes you and especially you la kot haha!!!) whom I know would be wondering about it, let me stress here: He is one of the good friends that I've had. We went to the same matriks centre but I didn't know him then. I only knew him at the end of my first year when we joined in PEWARIS and found him to be quite funny and pleasant to be around with.

In my second year, I realized he was among Toroque's and Yokies's housemates a.k.a good friends thus making him one of my good friends too as with Toroque and Yokies, I'll never run outta friends. They were always into motivational projects and all that, and these were the type of people who'd wanna do all this with their friends. By this, I had already labelled this friend as the matchmaker of the group :)

This was proven to me in my final year when he became the middleman between me and his friend after a bit of misunderstanding. Everyone else, even some friends whom I'm not that close to suddenly came to me and wanted me to proceed with this guy but it just didn't feel right and this friend was the only one who was willing to sit down with me and listen to all my reasons and explanations.. and I was grateful for at least having someone to listen since everywhere I went, people kept telling me to give it a go. I guess, it was after that that I started being close to him. I even warned him if he dared to matchmake me again, I was gonna force him to marry me haha..

Anyway, we kept in touch after finishing our degrees. We always kept ourselves updated on each others life, though he was the one who usually made the calls as I cruelly pointed out that he was the engineer and I was the penniless student haha.. He even disobeyed my 'orders' of not matchmaking me with anyone and tried again, only to be disappointed again haha.. padan muke! Dah cakap dah kaaann..

As a friend, he's ok. As a guy pun he's okay. I even tried to matchmake him with one of my best buddies but he wasn't interested though me and some of the others tried our best to get them together. Budak kecik Salam also wanted to matchmake him with his sister. So you can see what kind of person my friend here really is.. though he's also a not-so-failed product of religoius schools (look who's talking haha..!) but he's quite concerned in religious matters. He's a good listener, and could really make me laugh (unlike my other 'friend' [who btw has already married to.. dah ade anak pun] who couldn't understand when I told him he didn't have any humour in him as he didn't seem to find anything funny!). I liked being his friend.

Then one day, things got a bit sour between us. I became a bit annoyed with him at first and then he stopped calling me. Then, a few months later, he contacted me again but just as we were getting to be close, he annoyed me again about the same thing. This cycle repeated itself a few more times until one day, he got the others involved. Aiyak.. a bit bengang here already! Good thing I had good ol' Toroque on my side when the others weren't haha.. for quite a few month, I avoided those other friends :(

Anyway, yesterday, when Toroque smsed me, I was a bit surprised as just a few weeks ago, this friend had YMed me, asking if I was still mad at him. Hey, I could never really be mad at my friends for long, especially those I consider close to me so I told him that. We chatted a bit more but he never once told me he was getting married..

A bit hurt la jugak.. but who am I to feel hurt?

Still, I'm happy for him :) He deserves to be with someone better. His wife is lucky and I pray they'd have a whole lot of babies and be happy till the end of their days..

Which brings me to a question someone asked me yesterday: "Dia ni dah kawen.. dia tu plak dah ade anak sorang.. IM yang Ayu suke sangat dulu pun ntah² tgh tunggu hari je nak dapat anak jugak.. Ayu sebenarnye tunggu sape lagi?"

Frankly: I don't know!!!

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