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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

For Jida..

Hey girl.. was reading your blog on this entry! P la tengok cita tu, Jida.. best! I wanted to go watch again but didn't have the chance to do so. Right now, I'm waiting for the cd. Its one of the malay movies that deserves to be mentioned :)

ever wonder why some things hurt us so much..

Its the people we love most who are capable to hurt us the most..
so..not to love someone too deep, so you won't get hurt too bad in return?

I got this from your blog. I've been thinking of answering your last question there but I haven't really got the time to sit down and write it out.. but today's a different story so here goes:

When someone you really care for, hurts you either intentionally or not, you'd get really upset or broken hearted or whatever other appropriate words that could explain it. You'd be thinking and thinking all about it. You wonder on why it could happen, what did you do wrong or how it turned that way.. You wish you hadn't done whatever it is that had made that person hurt you because all the while in your mind, you know this person wasn't supposed to intentionally hurt you.. but thats why the pain is felt so much more. Because sometimes you forget, this person is not perfect.. just like you. Still, it bothers you. Effects your everyday life.. sometimes might even make you go crazy with all the what's and why's.

When someone whose just another somebody hurts you, yes, you might still feel hurt, but its just a what-did-I-do-this-time kinda hurt. It won't leave you sleepless at night. It won't make you feel even the slighest rush of emotions except maybe a tiny bit of wanting to make things better between the two of you, especially if you're colleagues or something. And more often than not, the issue would be resolved in a matter of hours.. its because you're more rational here and know, you're wasting time to keep feeling resentful.

When someone you hate hurts you, you get annoyed. Maybe very annoyed, or maybe slightly annoyed. And you tell yourself, "To hell la with you!" And instantly you feel better haha..

So, the conclusion is:

Somebody you care + hurts you = Sleepless nights, pondering thoughts, emotions going haywire, tears duct that seem to have been punctured or something, sometimes forgetting to live

Somebody you think is ok la + hurts you = "C'mon, lets be friends! Besides, we've got things to do anyway so lets be professional"

Somebody you hate + hurts you = "Bah! I've already hated you in the first place, anyway!"

So Jida, get my point? :) Well, thats what I feel la.. dunno bout others.. so we can say, don't get too close, don't start caring.. the safe side is in the middle :)

Anyway, Jida.. good news for everyone too here.. I think its time I bought a new phone (can see you rolling eyes here)! W/pun tadek duit lagi, but I CAN daydream right? Since you've always been one of the people who are always asking about the condition of my phones, any suggestions?

Lagi satu, bila nak ajak saya pi umah baru awak aaaaah?

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