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Thursday, April 10, 2008


Penat smlm tak ilang lagi..

So bgn lambat..

Then recheck 140 assignments (sib baik kene bace jek.. ok, tipu, 1st half maybe I read verbatim.. tp the next half tu dah cari key words jek huhu..)

Then photostat 6 more assignments (tu pun sib baik the best 3 dah photocopy awal²).. OBE nye pasal le ni..

Then discuss with Dr Farhan on the new paper, my previous paper and my research report..

Then gi Bagan Serai (nape la bg check utk Public Bank Bagan Serai wahai cikgu Arun oiiiiii..) beratur dlm bank to cash in my cheque..

Makan pun just grab a burger from KFC beside Public Bank..

Balik school, someone was waiting for me in front of the postgraduate room..

And what he did, made me smile..


Thanx.. you are sweet!

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