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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Saya budak baru belajar

This is my character in Initially, my character didn't wear a hijab but Ana taught me how to mix and match some clothings and voila! My character is now very demure-looking in her long-sleeved blouse, skirt and hijab heheh.. Hmm, wonder why it looks a bit like the clothes I wore in my previous entries in blogspot huhu..

Heheh.. now this is MORE like what I wore to KL and on my birthday.. except the shoes la! Hehe.. no wonder Mama keeps telling me to change my fav colour. Asyik² blue and pink! Cam dalam dunia ni tadek kaler lain la Ayu ni heheh..

Anyway, Adi asked me to try this out around February, I think, but I had my hands full with Eilma253 (my Neopet hehe..) and I didn't wanna take care of another pet. However, after reading Ana's entry in her Yahoo! blog, I thought I'd give it a try..

Kinda fun jugak.. you can chat with your friends while moving around in the hotel. You can get something to drink from fridges, coffee makers etc.. You can also take a bath (thank you Ana, bg tumpang mandi heheh..) while chatting hahah.. with a choice of bubble baths or just plain water. Then there are these teleports. Ana and Adi both have them for easy access to each other's room. But when I checked, the least expensive was 3 credits.. aiyak!

The characters are the best. You can mix and match so many things so you most probably would come up with a character that reflects who you are. Ana's character looked a lot like her, just as Adi's was a mirror image of himself. I dunno how to make mine to look like me hahah.. so excuse the confusion from my character up there to the real me hehe..

So by now, I've already been a Habbo for approximately 27 hours.. bad news is, I already finished RM24 for this thing. Adi says there are easier ways to buy the credits. Gile! I hope I don't get addicted to this like my Neopets or my bill would mostly be for Habbo..

Sheesh! Who says having fun is free?!!

Pstt.. anyone there joining Habbo, add me ok.. my id is the usual 'ayuikhwani' :)

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