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Monday, April 21, 2008

A GREAT weekend for me :)

Last Friday, something set me off. It was a normal idle Friday then BOOM! I was.. I dunno? Pissed? Annoyed? Tense? I became a bit cranky (luckily not many people were in school so I was only crabby towards myself haha..)

Then something happened.. unexpected and unplanned. And a crappy night (as I was expecting during the afternoon since I couldn't stop thinking of the thing that made me tense) turned out into a kinda wonderful one :) And I couldn't stop smiling..

Right through the next day.. ALL DAY long! And right through yesterday too..

Hahah.. lets stop the idiotic musings here..

Well, on Saturday me and a friend went to kak Chah's wedding. I was supposed to go with kak Shima and abg Fazli but since they had planned to meet their friends (kak Chah is from their batch) at the kenduri, I was feeling a bit reluctant to go with them. Luckily, a staff here wanted to go too so I went with him.

We arrived a bit late.. okay la, we arrive dramatically late hahah.. with the khemah kenduri already empty and it was only around 2.30pm!!! Hahaha, that's the Perak way for you. Suda malu mau turun kereta but since we had endured a 2 hour and a half drive, we'd better go, right? Heheh..

Then kak Chah asked me about kak Shima and it turned out kak Shima hadn't even arrived. They (kak Shima n abg Fazli) arrived around 3pm so we ate together. Got to know kak Chah's husband who, in my first impression, seems like a really nice guy. But knowing their history as kak Chah had told me, he really is a nice guy. And yeah, we had the usual ,"Korg bile plak?" questions thrown to us especially when they started asking why I was with my friend. But tak heran sgt, sebelum tu my friend had even asked if kak Shima was abg Fazli's wife, which left me laughing non-stop for a while. C'mon la, tak leh ke just go together as friends?!?! I wanted to remind him that tapi biar lah.. But kak Chah was glowing! :)

She was really happy.. and this is from someone who was engaged for more than 3 years just because she was afraid to get married hehehe! I hope she'd stay happy as she's been having more downs than ups in the recent years.. and she's a nice kakak! Her husband just got a job in Juru. He'd been working in Rawang before so memang rezeki diorg :)

Anyway, we arrived back in Pt Buntar around 8pm and I was knackered eventhough I didn't drive one bit during the journey hahah.. tak reti bawak kete manual maaa!

The next day, I thought of lying down in bed for a while but I just couldn't sleep (Refer to the early part of this entry hahah..). I mean, who sleeps while smiling? Err, ade kot ek org leh wat?

Anyway, decided to wake up and go back to Penang and spent a long nice day at home with Mama, Ikram, Izati and Iskandar..

Hahah.. okay². The title seems misleading ek.. great weekend kunun tp cam nothing special happened, tul tak? Well, lets just say I'm witholding something :p Rase cam nak citer, tp tak tau la.. (Amer akan tension bile bace ayat ni hahaha..)

Ok la, gtg! Better start on my paper, dah tangguh byk hari dah ni.. daaa!

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