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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Feringghi Nite Market

The Bottom Line
Watch for frustration now -- it could make you say things that you can't take back.

In Detail
Are you growing so impatient with someone that you're just about to give them a piece of your mind? Take a deep breath and stop yourself. You'll have to watch out for frustration right now -- it could make you say things in the heat of the moment that you will really regret later. When your temper flares, there is no going back. Chances are, this person is completely unaware that you are upset right now, so it is up to you to let them know. Be clear and polite, and tell them what you need.

Usvui jt, effq epxd jotjef, j'u tujmm ivsut!! :(

Hahah.. ok! Right up there is my horoscope for today. Just felt like it, and takde kene mengene ngan the title of the entry :)

Anyway, yesterday I had a great time. Misa took a few days off and came back to Penang. She had told me about wanting to go to the Feringghi night market and I told her I also have never been there even if I've been a Penangite for 28 years now (Opppss, there goes my "I'm-17-years-old" lie!)

Actually, the first time I heard about it was around 3 years ago when kak Shima asked if I wanted to go. I had a class that night and was a bit confused on why kak Shima wanted to go to a pasar malam (also confused why she said it in english instead of calling it pasar malam haha..) in Batu Feringghi. Turned out, it was a bargain heaven.. BUT, I never got to go.. until yesterday!

We roped in Bart and decided to go there together. Luckily, Bart, though lived most of her life on the main land, her hometown was actually right here in the island so we had a tour guide that made it almost impossible to get lost finding the place.

First we decided to meet at KBJ. Yeah, yeah.. I know, with QBay, KBJ orang dah tak pandang. But lets just say, for me and Misa, it has quite a sentimental value for us hehe.. Misa bought a new t-shirt as she was drenched on the way to meet us (me and Bart went into Penang together as I parked my car at her home) and then we went to Kenny Rogers, hoping to see Izati as my friend here know my sister.. but Izati wasn't working that night.

Anyway, we spent a good hour doing more talking than eating before going to the musolla for Maghrib prayers then we headed off to Batu Feringghi. Bart turned out to be quite a coward on Penang roads haha.. but we arrived there very, very safe hahah..

Me and Misa agreed, if we were left to find the way ourselves, I would've just passed by this area. It wasn't as I had imagined but the goods sold there.. tsk! It was lucky I didn't know my pay was already in my account, and I went there with only the money in my purse.. coz I sure nearly emptied my purse haha..

DVDs (pirated of course.. aiyak! And I used to hate buying those, prefering the expensive original ones) were sold at RM4 per cd.. and you got one free if you bought 10. I bought the third season of House as well as Gone Baby Gone, PS I Love You (yeay Ayeen, dapat gak kak Yong tgk!) and a few other CDs. Misa bought Brothers and Sisters as well as the 2nd season of House. I wanted to buy Criminal Minds, Bones, NCIS, CSI, Supernatural and all that.. adeh! Kelabu mate tgk semua tu..

Then there were all sorts of bracelets. Gile tul.. my favourite collection tu! I bought one for me, Izati and Farah. There were all sorts of designs and sold at a very cheap price. Bart geleng kepale tgk Ayu pilih haha..

One shop sold beaded slippers, much to Bart's delight and it was my turn to geleng kepale haha.. and as I waited for her to choose, I came across the fridge magnets, yeay! I'm starting to collect fridge magnets now (Hint! Hint!) and I was delighted to find fridge magnets showing roti canai, satay, char koay teow and nasik ayam.. sgt chumel! Then me and Misa shrieked in delight when we found figurines (betul ke eje ni?) of the Dragon Ball cartoon..

Bart then went in search of a purse, RM20 only maaa hehe.. and me and Misa found these very soft pashminas and bought one each. Huh, bleh pakai time sejuk² dalam bilik nih.. tak pun, buat tudung haha.. but since I'm not the lilit² type, I think I'd stick to using it like a shawl je kot though Bart had already given ideas on how to wear it as a tudung.

There were also these pewter coin boxes. Sold at RM38.. and as we walked away the apek kept reducing it. The last price I heard as we went away was RM20 hahaha.. I loved these flower candles.. sgt chumel. Sold for RM30 in a pack of 10 assorted hibiscus, orchids (my fav), roses and bunge² tak dikenali hehe.. They told us, they'd sell it for RM20 if I wanted it and I was about to agree until I saw this 'stuffed frog' looking at me.. geli geleman satu badan. Trus lari dari kedai tu.. yuck!!!!

Bart bought this cute handbag.. though Ayu cume boleh mambayangkan je pakai bag camtu hahah.. sungguh tak reti! Tapi serius lawo..

Batik² and all sorts of t-shirts tak yah citer la.. a whole assortment of them, you'd be spoilt for choice. There was this set of Japanese-like utensils to serve small delicate food. Sgt chumel and it would be a great wedding gift.. tp the person didn't wanna sell it for RM35, he stubbornly wanted RM38. Okay la, RM3 pun Ayu nak berkire ke? Well, one thing I've learnt yesterday.. when you don't get the price you want, you feel as if you've lost... and no one likes losing kan? Hahaha.. tp nyesal pun ade coz it would be a nice gift for Huda..

Jewellery boxes were abundant. Pewter? With pressed flowers? Wooden? You name it, you can get it. Rase nak beli jugak for my bracelet collection yg semakin bertambah dah skrg huhu.. but there were so many other things that distracted me heheh.. dah balik baru teringat I wanted the pewter coin box and jewellery box yang ade corak² from sea shells..

Aiiii.. sib baik tatau gaji dah masuk hahah..

The three of us didn't even realize it was nearly 12 as we headed back from the farthest stall (it was a VERY long stretch of stalls) to Bart's car..

But the best part was to spend time with my old friends :) And we decided, the next time Misa wants to come back to Penang, we would plan another trip here hahah.. in the meantime, I'm gonna wirte a list of what I wanna buy the next time we go there :D

To Misa and Bart: Thanx korang. Sgt seronok jumpe korang semalam.. Saya dok tension pasal cermin kete la, tension pasal.. well, ade la.. tp bile ngan korg, lupe abis semua tu. And sgt suke bile lalu a few places tu, mcm² kite ingt ape kite buat time sekolah² dulu hehe.. thanx! Love you guys to bits :)

To Ami: Hahah.. awak sgt rugiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! :D

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